Head Injury

March 20, 2011
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Sitting at the top of a large snow covered hill, the sun shining brightly reflecting

off the snow making it glimmer like a fresh diamond ring. A million kids laughing

talking, and trudging up the hill carrying sleds, snowboards, and tubes. A voice buzzing

in my ear repeating over and over, “Do not go.” My heart beating out of my chest,

pumping at one hundred miles an hour.

“You ready?” My dad asks.

“Yes dad!” My brother and I both reply in unison.

We begin to race down the snowy hill on our tube. We were soaring, flying at

high speeds. We were eagles in full flight, there was nothing that could possibly stop us.

The cold wind running through my hair, freezing off my face, my body shivering, my

eyes begin to water from the frozen wind. The snow kicked up from underneath the tube

up into our faces. The snow flying in my face; the wind blowing in my eyes, I can’t see

anything in front of me. I feel a sudden bump on the tube. “We just hit something!” I

say to my little brother sitting on my lap.

We reach the bottom of the hill, as we come to a stop, I eagerly try to get up to

see what we had hit. I shake my brother to get up off my lap like a toddler shakes their

favorite toy rattle, but he lay motionless on me. I carefully slip out from underneath him.

My stomach suddenly ties into a large knot tangling all of my organs together. A sick

feeling shivers through my body. My brother lying limp like a dish rag, his already pale

face even more pale than ever. His eyes begin rolling into the back of his head. All I

can see are the whites of his eyes. I am scared out of my mind, unsure what I should do I

begin to yell as an immediate reaction.

“HELP!!!” I scream as loud as I can.

A man hears my call, and comes dashing over to see what the the problem is. My

eyes fill with tears like pools of water as I watch my brother lying unconsciously on the

tube. The water filling my eyes begin to roll down my face freezing before rolling off

my chin. My dad comes speeding down the white sheeted hill. He jumps quickly off the

sled and to his feet kneeling by my brother looking at him in deep thought. He turns to

the man sitting next to him and asks, “Do you hold the priesthood?”

“Yes I do.” The man answers in reply.

“Would you be willing to give him a blessing with me?”

My dad begins to bless my brother, praying that he will be alright. As soon as my dad

finishes my brother starts to come to. His eyes begin to open adjusting to the people

surrounding him, and the bright sunlight reflecting off the snow. Beginning to cough

his head jerks from my dads hands with a great force, and he starts to vomit. The sirens

yelling in my ears, the ambulance cars speeding down the roads. Lights flashing, first

blue, then red, then blue once again.

The paramedics begin to ask my brother simple questions, but my brother is

having a difficult time remembering the names of his family members, what the date is,

and where he is. He couldn’t remember what happened, or what it was that hit his head.

The paramedic turns to my mom and dad with a look of disappointment he says, “We

need to life flight your son the Primary Children’s Hospital. We feel it is the best

hospital to send him to. He will be in the best hands there.”

My eyes no longer pools of water, they are waterfalls. Tears soaking my face I

cry uncontrollably. It is all my fault I think to myself. Questions circling through my

brain like a volcano about to erupt. Why didn’t I listen to the voice in my head telling

me not to go down the hill? Why was he the one to get hurt? Why couldn’t it have been

me? The bright red helicopter high in the sky slowly lowers, getting louder as it

approaches the ground. My brother is strapped down to a stretcher. I stand looking into

his big green eyes. “I love you.” I whisper under my breath as another tear falls from my

chin. He looks at me and smiles as the stretcher is lifted and placed in the doors of the

helicopter. The propeller begins spinning making me dizzy like a merry-go-round.

Through my swollen eyes I watch the helicopter rise up into the sky, becoming a tiny red

speck, getting quieter the farther away it got. With a prayer in my heart I think to myself;

please keep him safe.

To this very day my brother doesn’t know what it was that hit him in the head

causing his concussion. He ended up having to stay in the hospital for several days and

was diagnosed with a traumatic minor head injury. My family is so grateful that he is

alright. We never know what could happen to the ones that we love so live everyday like

the last.

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