My Dad as the Coach

March 20, 2011
By Anonymous

Just about three years ago, my dad started to coach tackle football. He started to coach as soon as my brother started his first year playing. I remember after school I would go out to the field and watch them play till my ride came to pick me up. But while I was there, I remember my dad getting all the football players in a huddle and telling them to stay away from me in school or protect me. Just recently this year he told them that they’re all my big brothers and that they need to watch out for me. At this point I was thinking “ Dad I’m in 8th grade I’m fine. Plus your just ruining my life.”

It was so embarrassing to see the look on their faces. It looked like some were either about to burst into laughter, or they had just seen a ghost run right in front of them they were so scared. To me it tasted like a sour grape.

When my dad got home from practice, he mentioned to me that he said that. “ I already know dad, I was there when you said it.” But every once in a while my dad would want me to help my brother get girls. Which is bad because were in the same grade! How embarrassing!

When I was done with gymnastics, my dad would just be finishing up football, and he would come and pick me up. Once in a while, my dad would have to take some kids home from practice before he picked my up. Whenever I got in the car, my dad wouldn’t drive until he knew none of them were looking at me... “Trust me they weren’t” I thought. I could hear my heart pounding against my skin and, my face starting to heat up as well as the snickering of their voices. Also they would smell! I had to stick my head out the window like a dog.

Even though, he says it a lot it has been fading he will always say it. I love my dad being coach because he has a lot of fun, but he needs to keep me out of the equation. I can’t believe he’s still saying that, but he probably will forever.

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