Being Different

March 19, 2011
By goldmind20 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
goldmind20 BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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All my life I have heard all men are created equally. I find that to be true in more ways than one. I have come to find that people can quickly become an exception to this rule. Being Muslim all my life I have faced a few problem with being treated equally. Just the fact that we exist just makes people mad. I find it truly sad that there are over a million Muslims in America and yet we are told everyday that we aren't American. Our citizenship means nothing to them. I learned early on that I would be treated like a second class citizen. I don't "look" Muslim apparently so people don't assume I am Muslim at first. Boy do I get an earful about how they feel about Islam. When I tell them I am a Muslim they quickly apologize but the images stay in my mind. So this is really how they feel about us? Yes we don't have the same beliefs but I think everyone deserves to be treated the exact same. Growing up I never cared about religion or race so I just hung out with nice, funny, and caring people. I then found out that most people are like me but some wouldn't even speak to me due to the fact that I am Muslim. Its also not even just Islam that is ridiculed. People are mistreated for being Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, etc. I think people should look into the persons heart before they judge. Everyone deserves to be treated like they are the same regardless of what they believe or how they look. I've never cared about being different but I've always cared about being ridiculed.

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