What is Home?

March 7, 2011
By Anonymous

I’ve lived in this home for twenty three years of my life. I laughed in it’s halls, I’ve cried behind its walls. Every detail is remarkably serene to me, from the pastel yellow wallpaper, to the small hole in the upstairs wall in the guest room. It’s imperfections speak volumes about my life here, how complex life was, even in it’s simplest of times. From the back door that would always jam, to the tiniest squeaks from my bedroom door, creating a tension between me and my family.

These moments fill me with such a euphoric bliss, that standing here now, at the final year of my life, makes all these memories so much easier to bear with. One moment I revere greatly was of one autumn night, when the air was cold and moist outside. Inside my house though, it was warm, dry and safe. On this night my younger brother approached my father, he burst into tears at his feet. When my father picked him up, consoling him as he went, my brother looked at him, tears still prevalent. He gave him an inquiry, of which I’m sure, changed my father’s character eternal.

“Father” He asked, “Is the nature of man to Love? Or to Hate?” My father sighed at this. “Man’s nature, is both.”


“Yes. Man says he wishes to love, but we are filled with hate and jealousy. Why?”

“My nature is love, but what I love may cause hate for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m” He breathed deeply, gathering the strength. “Dad. I’m gay.”
The small leather couch they sat on was quiet for once, my father sat silent, his eyes closed, thinking. One instant I saw a strong man, whom has never shed a tear. The next instant, I saw an even stronger one, with tears heavy in his eyes. The stronger man hugged my brother, where the strong man would have scoffed. The stronger man comforted him, where the strong man would have disowned. In that instant, I saw understanding, I saw happiness. After tears subsided, the stronger man spoke.

“Guess what?”


“I still love you.” He pulled his son close, and cried again. As he did so thunder began to build outside, outside of our home. Outside the rain began to fall, but inside we were always dry. Outside the snow would freeze the world, but inside we were warm.

Inside my home, lives changed, and people changed. Despite what the cynics may tell you. Inside my home, there was only family. Inside my home, love conquered all.

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