Is It Only Us

March 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Is it only our feet that hate that sticky, gritty feeling of dirt or wet socks? What some of us hate most is when something stuck to the bottom of our feet, whether it is dirt, water or even gum.
The worst thing to have on the floor is water. Like when most of the lazy people take a shower they leave the floor sopping wet, so when we walk in the bathroom in the morning, still trying to wake up, and have a cold wet sensation, go through one of our once nice and once warm sock. Another way to get that “wonderful” feeling is when lazy people wash their hands in the kitchen, but instead of drying them on the towel lying on the stove right behind them, they shake the water off on to the floor. No one else seems to mind they just doge puddles until we clean it up. So is it only our feet that hate this cold wet feeling?

Also as we take our freezing cold wet sock to laundry room, we walk through the kitchen. Unknowing that a lazy person just got back from practice and just got dirt everywhere, but we don’t see it so what do we do? We walk right through it and now our cold wet foot is covered in hard dry dirt. Once again no one else cares so we start the laundry and sweep the kitchen while we think is it only our feet that hate that rock gritty feeling of sticky wet dirt?
Last is an example of a lazy lady. I was walking home from a long day of school (because I didn’t get to go to English) and watched the lazy lady’s dog poop on my yard, and then she acted like nothing happen. Then ran away quickly as I yelled “thank you”. Why is it ok to let lazy people’s dogs poop where ever they want? If one of our dogs happens to poop in someone’s yard, we would clean it up. So guess who had to clean up that huge pile of poop; we did. After we clean our yards wonder if it’s only our feet or are people just lazy.
So if you are one of those lazy people that won’t clean up after them selves ask yourself, how long it takes to clean up a dirt mess, water, or your dogs poop; not long at all. So now unlazy people take thirty seconds to clean up a mess, or prevent the mess in the first place to benefit all of us.

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