Why are we standing here not speaking?

March 16, 2011
By SallySunshine<3 BRONZE, Aiken, South Carolina
SallySunshine<3 BRONZE, Aiken, South Carolina
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What happened? WE were inseparable, now we are like total strangers? I know i messed up things with us but i didn't mean for it to mess things up this bad. I knew we wouldn't last that much longer afterward but i figured we would work things out like usual. What happened to us all we do is argue and lie to each other. I want us back to what we use to be. Things were so much fun and i was so happy then, now everything is stressed, or we are arguing and I'm always mad at you or just uncomfortable around you. Things were so much easier when we first started out, then you got jealous and i personally think your trust issues came earlier in the relationship. I trusted you with everything I had and you betrayed me and lied to me to my face, several times. All i did was be honest from the start, I even came to you when i made my mistake. You hid yours, after the fact i already knew. You lied to me and said she had nothing to do with our break up, it was all over your face she was. Everyone else was talking bout it too. You tried to ignore me, but as usual we went back to each other. But now i messed up and we are never going back. I miss you and maybe this is for the best. I will always and forever love you no matter what!!

The author's comments:
This is true. Me and a guy broke up so many times because of mistakes I've made and now my mistake was bad enough to the point he cant trust me anymore and i cant trust him, he has also given up on me completely. WE sometimes pass each other in the hallway like we are complete strangers. I still use his literature book and locker because i know he doesn't care. But no one will ever have my heart like he does.

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