The Lonelies

March 16, 2011
she was lonely..she was so very lonely. She didn't know when she had become lonely, but one day, she had woken up and felt all alone. The only one in the world. She had sat there on her bed, trying to catch her breath which seemed to have gotten stuck in her throat. She had felt carelessly around for her glasses and then for her pack of cigarettes.
She had lit one. Slowly. A bit comforted by the click of the lighter and the sudden warmth of the flame, the slight crackle of the paper burning. But as she took a long drag, she coughed and she coughed and she couldn't breath. She felt tears streaming down her face, and she thought that she had gone crazy. But she hadnt. It was just the case of the lonelies. It was like a bad flu. She tried desperately to look for some form of comfort, but nothing helped. Her body ached for the touch of a hand, the warmth of another soul.
After some time, it was alright. She felt alright and she went about her way. She tried not to worry about it too much. She knew it would happen again. After all, she had the worst case of the lonelies.

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