March 14, 2011
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The crackle of the rain drops is soft and it sounds nice when it touches the leaves and debris that cover the floor of the clearing. The moss gently hangs down from the trees. The leaves cover the floor of the forest like carpet in a house. There are no animals in sight. The wind blows calmly. You can hear the wind blowing against the trees, and moving the leaves that remained on the trees. The blackberry bushes grow around the woods frantically. The dirt is dry and soft.

I love the sound of the rain when it hits the ground of the leaf covered floor. The trees have very few leaves remaining on the redundant trees. The loud sound of the cars passing by can be herd from far away. The bark on the trees is like that covers them. “The strong wind straining the branches can be heard from far away.” The trees calmly sway from side to side. It’s so calm and peaceful out here in the wilderness.

The path that blocks my way is covered with overgrown blackberry bushes all around. I can hear the soft chirping of birds that are all around me in the trees and in the sky. The rain comes as slowly as the falling of the leaves. The rain is the color of cool ocean water on the beach. I see a fence that people have forgotten and time as left rusted. I love the sounds, smells, and sight of the forest that surround me. There is an area filled with poison oak. I have been allergic to poison oak for as long as I can remember.

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