Fake Adults

March 7, 2011
What happened to kids just being kids?
People usually think when kids grow up they’re supposed to be kids…right? Now a days it seems they’re a dying breed. What happened to the world where people can feel safe and secure? Did it disappear like the lost city of atlantice or did someone decide to burn it down because they wanted power? Could it have been us that destroyed this world? Kids, we see them everywhere now, but for some reason they’ve mutated into something so much worse. Now they’re known as “Fake Adults”. These fakers are classified as children who dress and act like adults.
One day I was walking to my house, on the way there, a group of fakers were walking across the street from me.
While I was trying to ignore the young rascals, they decided it would be fun to walk closer to where I was and bother me as much as possible.
The fakers tried to talk to me but I just kept walking, they faker started to get annoyed, so they thought it was a good idea to start yelling profanities at me.
No one should ever talk like that to a person, besides did everyone forget that people should respect their elders?
After awhile the fakers got bored and left me alone, but no until giving me some dirty looks. I didn’t really care so I decided to just smile and wave.
These fakers started to appear when they internet began to get more popular. The technology of the 20th centenary like: cell phones, YouTube, and most of all chatting web sites. The way new technology affects them is that older people exploit themselves for others to see. People just don’t think that children would see what they posted online, but kids can and will find it. Television is another factor in the transformation of children. The biggest factor is probably the parents; they decide what the kids can or can’t do. Along with older siblings, being a kid you look up to them and they take of you. Almost anything affects the epidemic turning of the “Fakers.” People would think kids would just be kids but now it’s a fight for survival. Kids choose what they want to be like but we all play a part to what they are going to be. Together we can make a batter place for children to grow up in.

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