Grandpa's Wrinkles

March 6, 2011
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Charlie M. is my grandpa; he is 88 years old. He cannot read; he can't write his name, but he laid bricks better than any man on his job. He was married to my grandmother, Ella Mae, but she died before I was born. Sadly, she left him all alone, and he didn't remarry. Today, with my grandpa being an elderly man, occasionally I stay with him at his house. As I stay at my grandpa's house, I wonder and ponder many thoughts about him. I mostly ponder the wrinkles on his face. I realize, old age is not the cause of his wrinkles. Every wrinkle on his face has a story behind it, I believe. And, his wrinkles run deep like a river. Some are chiseled into his face, and I find myself staring at them for long periods of time. I see the sad, tragic wrinkle in his face that formed when he had to bury his wife. There is a wrinkle from when he had to bury three of his children. He had to bury one daughter and two sons. I see the wrinkles that were made by the death of his friends, his pets, and other family members(cousins, nieces, nephews). I can't understand or fathom how difficult things must have gotten for him. My grandpa is one strong man because he carries all of his pains, trials, and tragedies on his face. They are like pernament reminders of the hard times. Not all of grandpa's wrinkles sad. I can imagine him on his wedding day. To see his wife-to-be walk down the aisle, he must have smiled so hard that a wrinkle was printed on his face that day. My grandpa is a father of 12; only 9 still living today, but to see all 12 graduate from high school, he had to be a proud father that day. Another wrinkle formed. There has to be wrinkles formed from when he sees his loving children (my aunts and uncles), to see his many great grandchildren, and his many great-great grandchildren. He loves to see our family pull together and have a cookout. He really loves watching us dance; it makes him smile and laugh so hard. And, it causes more and more wrinkles on his face. I know one day I will become old, and I too will carry wrinkles, sad and happy. As I look at my grandpa's wrinkles, I am somewhat not afraid. For Grandpa...

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