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February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

I am a volunteer tutor at the local elementary school. I've been doing this now for about three years. Every week, I go up after school for an hour twice a week and help the kids do math and spelling. They are fourth and fifth graders exclusively. And they all look forward to it.

I think I have helped the community. The teachers are usually being overrun by kids and I am able to offer my assistance. The kids, many who have trouble are able to get tutoring from me. And because I have had trouble with these subjects in the past, I am able to see where these kids are coming from. I feel that I have helped them and in fact, they always smile and are genuinely delighted to see me. And about 75% of the time, the kids understand everything. Sometimes, I can give them the basics and the teacher does the rest. But every little bit helps.

Volunteering has helped be become a more patient and understanding individual. I have to have great patience when dealing with younger kids. And I have to understand that they may not learn the way I do. So I have to learn how to teach them accordingly. And I have grown to like these kids. I feel like they are interested in what I'm telling them and I grow to like them. I feel like I've done a lot when a kid tells me how he knows everything or how something is "easy". And it feels good to know I've helped. I remember one time, I was with one of my favorite students, Brandon, who I've had for two years. He was doing flash cards with me and he asked if we can quit. I asked him why and he said: "because, I know all of these and it's so easy a little kid can do it". I was thrilled that he had learned them in less than a month. Last year it took him a month to learn multiplication. Now he was doing division after five days. And was good at it. Things like that make me know I'm doing a good thing and a good job.

I may not be the best teacher, but I feel I do a good job. And I feel that my community's youth, at least a small portion of it is given a great service by my community work. I hope the community feels the same way.

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