How to Be Perfect

February 27, 2011
By Anonymous

Wake up early, while it's still dark outside, and go for a long run. Come home, and take a short shower to conserve water. Go over your class notes, preparing for all your classes, pack your school bag with all your notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils, highlighters and calculator. Blow dry your hair, straighten it. Apply makeup-enough to hide all your flaws: the purple circles under your eyes, the pimples caused by too much stress, but not enough to make you look cheap, fake or slutty. Stare at yourself naked in the mirror, pinching the spots that are still too fat, poking your stomach and sucking it in. Pick out skinny jeans and a trendy top out of your immaculate closet. Drink hot tea so you don't feel hungry. Drive to school early enough so you don't have to rush, so your parents don't have to worry. Stop in the courtyard to say hello to your friends, and then walk-don't run-to class, sitting in the second row, so you can see the board and answer all the teacher's questions but don't look like a nerd. Take diligent notes, color coding-it will help you study. Tutor other students at lunch, so no one notices you don't eat. Spend your afternoon playing sports or at ballet, make sure to score at least one goal, to earn at least five points, to land a triple pirouette. Do your homework at your organized desk, get a jump start on that paper assigned today. Study for all the tests you have tomorrow. Eat dinner with your parents, so they don't worry, but not enough to get fat. Go for another run. Meet your friends at Starbucks, at a bar. Laugh at all their jokes. Kiss your boyfriend, make him feel important. Come home. Crawl into bed, allow yourself to feel the darkness. Allow yourself to breath. Sleep and don't dread the alarm clock.

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