Anything for Love

February 16, 2011
By Anonymous

It all started September of this year. I was in the school cafeteria, just talking to friends.
One of my best friends walked in, holding hands with a guy.
I had no idea who he was, but yet something inside my heart told me to go after him. I knew it would hurt my friend, but a little voice in my head wouldn't quit telling me that if I didn't try my hardest to get him, I'd regret it.
I became certain that he and I should be together when I heard him speak. Something in his voice, among other things, made me fall for him. The next thing I knew, I asked him for his number. We talked on the phone that night, and he could tell something was wrong.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm fine. I just realized that it hurts to want something you can't have." I said.
He didn't say anything at first. Then he finally admitted he had fallen for me the moment he saw me. A week later, we started dating. I had been hurt so many times that at first I braced myself for a fallout.
However, I knew after the first month that he was different from all the other guys. After a while, it eventually felt like finding him meant finding a part of me that had been missing. We've had our ups and downs for the past 5 months, but we're still going strong.

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