Who Are You?

February 16, 2011
By Coreylee133 BRONZE, Carnegie, Pennsylvania
Coreylee133 BRONZE, Carnegie, Pennsylvania
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Those who dream by day are dangerous men. For they dream their dream with open eyes, and make it possible. -T.E. Lawrence

I walk down the street, sometimes in glee, sometimes in fear. Maybe even afraid of my own shadow under the streetlight. The way a person walks says alot about them, believe it or not. Their back hunched and stomping in strides can suggest that person may be in anger, or even in melancholy. Walking in strides of cheerfulness with their chin up may suggest happiness and pride. I've seen and done both sides of the two. Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder who I really am. Am I one meant to be happy? Am I one to end up of nothing but misfortune? Life is a test. A test to show who we really are. The test doesn't require impressing others. Doesn't mean for you to even think to take consideration of what others think. Be just, and fear not. I've tried many times absorbing that concept, and can't even find myself. Life is a long run. The point is, take your time to acknowledge who you are. Wether its the person who sits in front of the bus, The one who only shows who they aren't, or the one that shys away from a tough decision. The only question you have to ask yourself is, Who are you?

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