The Many Sides of Me

February 2, 2011
By Anonymous

With you I’m silly, giggly, and blonde. Hoping that you find me special and cute. With you I am dumb, to make you laugh. I make you laugh with me. Not at me. With you I am sincere and pretend to listen. Pretend to understand your experience like it’s my own. I hide behind a mask of experience though I have none. With you I am crazy, loud, and an animal. Always laughing and screaming! With you I am shy and nervous so you don’t judge. With you I fade into the background so you don’t see me. And lastly with you I am quiet. Only quiet as can be; thinking of our friendship that has gone weak. I cannot speak to you more than a sentence, but wish I was that girl walking with you.

But with me, I am me. A perfect combination of personalities times three. I do not alter myself to fit you because I am me. And I accept that.

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