February 26, 2011
By OpalFlame BRONZE, Houston, Texas
OpalFlame BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"The dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow."

crazy, yet interesting, how a life can slip away so quickly. so, easily.

today i found a poem, a beautiful poem.
about a cat. it may not seem like it would be a touching, or life-changing poem. but it was.
maybe because he is gone now. or because of the words. or maybe both.
I was helping clean out grandmother's house, but we started at her closet. - cluttered with so

many expired bills, dusty paintings, ripped pantyhose, and colorful fabrics that weren't
fortunate enough to ever reach the sewers needle, sad.
old photos- faded and sticky- clung to each other and trash bags became their new friend. t-
shirts from forever-ago and rusty scissors that couldn't even cut a thread lay plastered
to the bottom of the old drawers- never used Band-Aids everywhere. It was a truly
depressing sight, i wont sugar-coat it.
but there was a light among it.
a small crinkled envelope, yellow and medaled. it held a piece of paper with words like cream
and soft lilies dancing across the pain. an peculiar mixture, but so touching.

he talked about how he held his cat, Catherine, in her last hours, whispering to her, telling her it was okay. there was storm and her purple water bowl washed around on the patio. soon everything went cold, her. but he wrote it happily, odd. there was pain in every letter, but hope in the spaces. but now he is gone, joined Catherine. i miss him and he will always be my yellow butterfly. soaring towards the sun, painting pictures for the hurt and lost, bringing a smile to a young girl's face, mine, every time he stops by. to remind me to keep pushing on, to never give up. he never gave up, he fought for many years, and now he is cured by the welcoming arms of God. so, to my yellow butterfly, i know you are watching over me, guiding my decisions. i want you to know- I Love You.

The author's comments:
my experience cleaning out my grandmothers closet.

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