We Are All The Same...

February 26, 2011
By yareli GOLD, Terrell, Texas
yareli GOLD, Terrell, Texas
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everyone is the same in a different way

Dear Obama,
If this note ever get in your warm helpful hands,thanks for reading it.
Iam one of a million people that want to see a change in the world, to accept everyone the way they are. My teachers always told me that if I wanted to see a change,i could be that change so that's why I decided to take this little action that could make a big difference.
You don't judge a book by its cover so that's why you shouldn't judge a person by the way they look. Everyone is the same in a different way , but that's what make us , I'mperfect and different.I'mmigrants deserve a opportunity to be someone I'mportant in this world.We just want the best for our families and friends.We are all the same as everybody else, we know how to cry,laugh, work and more things.
you may think I'm just a 13 year-old girl who likes to go shopping,talking,going outside but like Martin Luther King Jr. i have a dream, and i wont give up ,or rest until i know that u=i changed the world and I become that one special doctor that didn't gave up.
When i die, i will die with honor. I will fight for something that I know if worth fighting for.
You don't know what i have been thru , those dark days that all I could do was cry and the other days when I smiled but inside i was dying.When my dad passed away, that's one of a thousand things that makes me stronger. All i want is to make my daddy proud of his older daughter,see hI'm smile for one more minute and tell me " Yareli, sweetheart I'm proud of you! i love you! "
Well all i hope is that one day i will be able to see a I'mmigrant being someone I'mportant and that people will respect others and treat them the same way they would like to be treated. Remember... don't ever judge a book by its cover.

The author's comments:
My mom with tears on her face told me the problems that we were all facing.

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