Fear of the not Knowing

February 18, 2011
Things bother me but not as much as the feeling of not knowing. Not knowing weather they feel the same or not. Not knowing is what makes pigs fly or hell freeze over. Why not know? Why feel this way about a guy I barely know? The fear of the unknown is what I dream about. Not knowing, to me, is a feeling of hate and misfortune. Why should anybody feel this type of pain? Why should we feel? What does it mean to feel? What does anything really mean? The world has screwed us over and we're o.k. with that? Does anyone know that we could be in a better place if it weren't for hate and misfortune? The fear of the unknown is what Fear himself lives on.To have a fear is what helps him live. Fear may have no emotion but he does feel. Every scream, every tear of uncertainty. Every time you close your eyes the darkness you see is Fear watching you waiting for the moment he can break you. The feeling of surrounding pain is fear watching you. The fear of the unknown is like Fear they walk hand in hand waiting,waiting for the feeling of love. It will make you CRASH AND BURN!

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