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Zarina's House

March 3, 2011
By Tianatt BRONZE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Tianatt BRONZE, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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The house was deadly silent. The four of us put our hands over our mouth to silence our shallow breathing. We knew if we made the tiniest of sound that we would be found. I turned towards Zarina, Nadia, and Tamiah but couldn’t make out their face. The closet was so dark that you could barely see your hand in front of your face.

Nadia was the first one to hear the noise. The noise of someone coming up the stairs. She huddled closer to me and we all tried scooting further back to the wall knowing our backs were already against it. The sound of the footsteps were decreasing, then there was a loud thud as if someone had walked into something. All four of us jumped at the sound.

The power had gone out in the house right after a bright flash of lightning and a loud roar of thunder sounded. Zarina’s parents and older brother and sister was going to Zarina’s aunt house and then out to get us a movie and pick up a pizza that they had ordered for us. Ironically enough within five minutes or so of them leaving that’s when the power had gone out and we started hearing someone trying to break into the back door. At first we weren’t scared and we all got weapons, or should I say a broom handle, mop handle and a curtain rod, to attack the person with as soon as they got the door opened. But as soon as they did, our plans quickly changed and we ran upstairs as fast as we could while tripping a few times on the way up, into Zarina’s parents room and into their closet.
We all held each others hand as we heard the footsteps coming into the room that we were in. There was nothing for us to do or fight back with since we through our weapons down as we ran upstairs. The hangers that we were surrounded with wouldn’t have been much help if the person had a gun anyway. As the footsteps approached the closet it was then that we noticed that there were two people in the house instead of just one.
The closet door didn’t immediately open, instead the two people who were there went back downstairs and we heard the front door open and close. After about what felt like forever. I finally got up the courage to grab a hanger and see if they had gone. Zarina, Nadia and Tamiah pulled on my shirt and tried to sit me back down but my mind was already made up. Don’t get me wrong, I was terrified but as we were sitting inside that closet I prayed to the Lord to protect us and to give me strength and that’s exactly what he did. He gave me the courage to go out of that closet.
I closed the door slowly behind me and crept silently to the door of her parents room.
When suddenly a figure came hurriedly towards me. And without thinking I started to scream, kick and punch and I ended up kicking one of them, who was male, right in his ‘special’ place. He hunched over and fell onto his knees and told me to stop through clenched teeth. I was still kicking and screaming for my life. The second person then entered the room and yelled my name. It turned out it was just Zarina’s older brother and sister playing a trick on us.

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lollypops GOLD said...
on Mar. 8 2011 at 7:23 pm
lollypops GOLD, Pilot, Virginia
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that was a evil little trick i would have been sooo scared

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