Just Borrowing... ?

March 2, 2011
By tigurrox BRONZE, Heber, Utah
tigurrox BRONZE, Heber, Utah
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“Hey, can I borrow someone’s deodorant?” This age-old question has been asked in every locker room, bathroom, and dressing room known to woman kind. Do you even know how many germs are spread because of that little question? Just borrowing? More like just spreading sweat and nastiness.

I’m sure all of us that care enough about hygiene to bring deodorant would appreciate it if girls could understand personal space. It is always so frustrating when people put us on the spot and ask for these personal things. Say yes, and you are consenting to rub armpits with a girl you may barely know. Say no, however, and you may face exile! There is really no good choice.

A frightening encounter I had was when this obviously sweaty girl was running around after gym practically begging for deodorant. Many girls truly didn’t have any, but then it was my turn. I was stuck; my clearly marked Lady Speedstick was lying on the tile bench. She eyed it greedily as she asked me, “Do you happen to have some deodorant I can borrow?” It clearly came as a shock when I said, “No, sorry, I don’t like to share personal hygiene items, but Wal-Mart has some you can buy for next time.” She was dumbfounded, but it’s time to take a stand.

It seems like those of us who actually have deodorant are surrounded by adamant deodorant borrowers. My own sister has even done it! She didn’t tell me until the next morning; by then, it was too late and I had already used it. It’s moments like these where sharing is definitely not caring, and innocent people like us need to do something about it.

Girls don’t realize, but what may be perceived as “just borrowing” can end up as t-shirt fuzz and sweat all over your Dove. Now, we all can tell how grodie and disgusting that is, especially when you are approached by a random girl in the locker room. There is absolutely no need to share a personal item such as deodorant! It’s almost like sharing a toothbrush. Would you ever, in your entire life, use someone else’s toothbrush? Of course not! It’s just not sanitary. What’s the difference between a toothbrush and deodorant? They are both wiping DNA all over and they are both personal. I’d like all of the hygiene haters out there to consider keeping my armpits free of your sweat.

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