The Time Jordan and I Went to Fright Night

March 1, 2011
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I hopped out of my car into the dark cold night and on the pavement of the community church near my house. It was mid October at the time, which is usually the time where the temperature starts to drop, which explains why my friend, Jordan, and I couldn’t feel any part of our body. At first I didn’t want to go to some fright fest people call fun because frankly, I don’t do well with strangers jumping out at me in the middle of the woods dressed up all frightening and bloody. That isn’t really my definition of ‘fun’. It’s the same thing for Jordan, we don’t like anything scary. If you ever saw me and her watching a scary movie you’d be hallucinating. But for some reason we still went, probably because everyone else we knew were going and we had nothing better to do on that Saturday night. I took out the crumpled up money that was in the back pocket of my jeans and gave it to the lady at the ticket counter. She gave me and Jordan a sticker with a number on it and told us to wait till our number was called. The anticipation was just killing me at this point. I knew it would not be a good night for me and Jordan. Our friends had already bought their tickets and were waiting for us at a hug bon fire nearby. Luckily, we were all going to be together since our numbers were really close, meaning we all got to ride the farm like wagon to the woods together. All of a sudden, our numbers were all called out. We walked away from the toasty bon fire and walked slowly to the wagon. Needless to say some people were more excited than others. I got into the wagon, sat all the way in the back, and hoped for this to go by fast.

The wagon ride that took us into the woods wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In a way, it was somewhat of a relaxing little hay ride. I was starting to think that maybe this so called fright night wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be. The swift movement of the wagon going further into the woods kept my heart rate at a normal pace. I closed my eyes and listened to the ruffling of the hay beneath us that practically put me to sleep. This soothing moment came to an instant halt when I heard the ear-piercing screams of what looked like little children drenched in torn up clothing and bright red blood running toward the back of the wagon where my friends and I were sitting. Frightened as anything, I jolted out of my seat in the back and ran straight to the front near the driver. There screams were quickly replaced with my own terrified shouting. I took a quick glance at the driver who as if on cue turned to me with the most horrifying clown mask I have ever seen which abruptly made me change my location back to my original seat. The movements of the wagon no longer kept my heart rate at a normal speed. I grabbed my friend’s sweater and started thinking up ways to get myself out of this situation. When nothing came to mind I hopelessly started clacking my heels together chanting there’s no place like home; thinking it would take me back to my house just like it worked in the Wizards of Oz. Obviously it didn’t work, but I had to give it a try. It finally came to my attention that I was stuck here, having no choice but to get through this fright night. The wagon came to an instant halt and the driver demanded us to get out. I slowly approached the exit of the wagon and jumped out. There was no turning back now.

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