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February 21, 2011
By AmethystRose SILVER, Port Washington, Wisconsin
AmethystRose SILVER, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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I don’t know why I ever put my weight on your shoulders, because you couldn’t hold me up. Every time I look at you, I see our past full of the hate and tears. I don’t know what I saw in you and now I realize that you were one of my biggest mistakes. I’m so tired of being hurt by you. So I’m done and you chances are up. Our past will always be there and haunt my heart forever. I’m so confused with what I am feeling for you and it’s easy to say that I hate you, but I don’t I don’t know why after you have hurt me so many times that I don’t care. Do I care? HECK NO! It still feels weird seeing you with other girls; know that it was once me. But I’m not going to be that girl anymore. I’m done getting broken by your words and wasting my time putting myself back together. It’s going to take time to be able to fully forgive you, but for now, there’s going to be a wall separating us, and it could be forever.

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