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Friends, Foes or Fate?

February 20, 2011
By eilishrose BRONZE, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
eilishrose BRONZE, Signal Mountain, Tennessee
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Details In The Fabric-Jason Mraz

“I cannot believe you just did that!” the girl screamed at me. “I’m going to get my brother to punch you in the face!”

All I could do was hope she wasn’t really talking to me… she was.

“Well don’t just stand there,” she commanded, “apologize!”

“I, uh,” I stammered, “I don’t know what I did!”

With that, she pushed me down, into the gravel, turned on her heel with her hands on her hips and stomped off… talk about RUDE! Way to make a first impression, I thought to myself.

Abigail was perfect. She had straight brown hair, and it always fell into place, with natural highlights, big brown almond shaped eyes, and she, was normal sized… I on the other hand had curly, dirt brown hair, blue-grey eyes that were too close and too small, and I, was too tall… Abigail is confident; I am shy… Therefore, as you can see, we are very different…

I quickly got my thoughts in line and started to pull myself off the ground, all the while looking for my best friend Mila. We were joined at the hip, like sisters almost. Mila was tall, like me, and had stringy blond-brown hair. She was boney and easy to get along with, and that’s the kind of friend I needed, especially after what had just happened… but Mila was gone.

“Th-thhhhat,” I heard Mila try to form the words between giggles, “was p-p-p--prrrrricelesssss!”
Then I found her… standing next to Abigail… talking about what she just did to me… my best friend of seven years, talking about how funny it was to see me, her so-called ‘best friend,’ be pushed to the ground… so much for ‘best friends.’

Mila and I had been in the same class since we started at Thrasher. We had know each other our whole lives. We grew up together. Abigail, had not, so neither Mila nor I knew Abigail very well, so you can imagine my shock when Mila and Abigail come walking into the cafeteria to get on the bus together… pointing me out… to Benji Boyer, Abigail’s brother… who started to head straight for me…

The next few minutes were very blurry for me. The last thing I remembered was Benji pulling his had back to punch me… as soon as his fist hit my temple, I was out. I vaguely remember waking up about a minute later, or the swarm of people crowded around me… or Abigail and Mila giggling off to the side.
It’s pretty much a given to assume that after that incident in first grade, Mila and I were no longer friends. Nevertheless, what’s even harder to imagine, is that after that incident, Abigail and I became best friends. We found we were more alike then we thought. We went from foes to friends, and found out who our real friends were. I guess you could call it ironic, but we call it fate.

The author's comments:
This was written about my best friend in the whole wide world. I love her more than anyone else, and, even after this, she's my best friend.

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