The Material Things

February 18, 2011
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Why do our parents always tell us, “It’s not the material things that matter in life, it’s who you are.”? That’s an obvious confidence builder. The truth is the material things are about all that matter in this society. It’s harsh, but true. We like to blame certain people for this kind of judgment, like jocks and preps. But that’s just plain unfair to them, because it’s ALL of us. Sadly but surely, we’re all guilty of “judging a book by its cover.”

For example, if I was the nicest person in the whole world, but dressed in rags and was very unkempt, you (no matter who YOU are) probably wouldn’t want a thing to do with me. But if I was dressed head to toe in American Eagle, and had perfectly pinned hair, you’d have no problem accepting me. At my school, you’ve got to have a pair of UGGS, jeans galore, and at least something Aeropastle to qualify. And on top of that, you have to be willing to openly speak your mind, and pretty much be loud and obnoxious. So of course I qualify. And I see so many people that just don’t qualify and I wonder why. Like the smart girls, who will always let you copy their homework. Or those guys who always have something stupid to say.

Sometimes at lunch I look around and observe. I hear my friends who have something mean to say for every occasion, and then I look and see those nerdy girls who wouldn’t even call a fly annoying. Again I wonder why I’m not sitting with them? Why is it that we just don’t click? Then it hits me. It’s the material things. They classify us; specify us as if we’re animals in the Amazon forest. It’s like we’re being brainwashed to only hang out with people who are just like us. I shiver every time I think about. Are my friends only my friends because I qualify? I guess I’ll never know. At least not until someone breaks the curse.

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WritingSpasms said...
Jun. 6, 2011 at 7:25 pm
I agree with you 110%. Your article was written very well, and to the point --- which I like.
CarrieAnn13 said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 4:26 pm
That was a good article; it's very true.  Material things seem so important in today's society.  Good job!
areebaization said...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 1:35 pm
Finally words I can totally agree with!
ChelzRulz said...
Mar. 5, 2011 at 11:30 am
Very good point.  I feel that way too- this country is becoming too materialistic.  What happened?  I loved how you ended it, but maybe you could go into more detail?  Expand.  Very good!  Could you check out my interview- MS. BRENNAN'S TRAIL OF CHILDREN?  Thank you- I love comments!
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