Friends Will Come If You're Patient

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Jose: 3 and 5 years old
Silvia: 28 years old, Jose’s mother
Luis: 29 years old, Jose’s uncle
Micaela: Jose’s Grandma
Van Driver: about 30 years old
Juan:31 years old,Jose’s uncle
Anthony:5 years old,Friend
Scene 1: Mexico City, in the house Jose hears his mom crying softly. Jose is a 3 year-old toddle.
He is quiet all the time and likes to play with his toys a lot. Jose is always smiling. He is wearing
overalls and a red shirt.
Silvia (to Jose): Mijo, your dad has left us.
Jose remains quie. He is only 3 years old and doesn’t really understand what is happening.
Silvia goes to call her mom to tell her what has happened.
Silvia: Mami, he left us.
Micaela: I told he would leave you. He didn’t respect you enough.
Silvia: Could I come to the house to stay there for a while?
Micaela: Yes.
Moments later, Silvia started to pack the things neatly so her and Jose can go to her mother’s
house in Mexico City .
Silvia: Jose, we are going to get on the bus to go to your grandma’s house.
Afterwards, they get on the bus. Jose starts to feel a little dizzy.
Silvia: Go to sleep, Jose.
Jose goes to sleep slowly in the bus so he wouldn’t feel so dizzy.
Scene 2: Soon enough, Puebla, Mexico,Dirt and rocks everywhere, the colors of maroon, gray,
with black. Clotheslines hanging from houses some with clothes on them. They are in Jose
grandma’s house it is morning. The sun is out and bright. Jose’s uncle is talking privetly to his
mom. He is convincing his mom to go to USA because it is better over there.
Micaela: Estas bien mija?
My mom just nods her head in silence. She is feeling sorrowful.
Micaela: Can I make you some coffee, Mija?
Silvia: Yes, please.
Grandma: Take a seat.
Silvia: Bueno.
Silvia sits down slowly on old dusty brown couch. Moments later, Jose’s uncle comes in from the
tienda quickly.
Luis: Hola. What is happening? Why is Silvia here?
Micaela: Because he abandoned them.
Luis: I just met a guy that says that he can take us United States for a low price.
Micaela: Are you sure you can trust this guy? You barely know him.
Luis goes to talk to his sister Silvia in private.
Luis: Hola, hermanita. Are you feeling better?
Silvia: Si, un poco.
Luis: I was talking to a guy that says he could take us to America and I said yes we should go so
that Jose can have an better education.
Silvia: But, I don’t want to leave our mom alone...
Luis: Don’t worry the rest our brothers and sisters will take care of her carfuly.
Silvia(sighing): Okay.
Luis: We depart tomorrow in the night. Get organized for tomorrow night then.
Scene 3: Finally, It is the next day. It looks a little cloudy as if it is about to rain. They get ready
to leave. It turns dark. They wait for the van driver to arrive.The van looks old and yellow, the
color is peeling, The van inside is torn apart into pieces. A few hours later, they leave and the
van driver says we need to make a stop.
Van Driver: We have to hurry up because we have to pick up some more people!
Luis: Ok, I’ll go tell my sister to hurry up!
Luis (to Silvia): Hurry up, we have to leave now
Silvia:Ok, just let me say good bye to Mom.
Silvia (to Micaela): Bye, mami.
Micaela: Bye que dios te bendiga.
Immediately, they go get the other people. The other people look timid and keep their arms
crossed the whole time in the van.
Van Driver: It’s going to take a lot of time.
Luis (to Silvia): Is it ok?
Silvia: Esta bien?
Scene 4: They drive for hours until they finally come to a stop at a house where there are other
little kids. Some are older and some are younger. Jose has to stay there.
Van Driver: Jose te tienes que dessender aquí.
Jose: Remembers when my mom told me, “Your dad has left us.”
Jose nods his head sadly. It looks like a house but the inside didn’t looked like a house.Jose goes
in the house.
Lady: Come here.
Jose goes with the lady to a little play ground. It is as big as two houses, and there are more
little kids.
Lady: Wait here till they come to pick you up.
Later they come to pick Jose.
Silvia: “Hola, mijo.”
Jose goes running to his mom. He is glad that he got to see his mom once again. They drive away
in the old yellow van again.
Van Driver: Give him some medicine so he can go to sleep
Silvia: Okay
Van driver: Put him under the seat, that looked liked it was teared, so they won’t see him.
Luis: You think he’ll fit under there.
Van driver: Yeah.
In a moments, They get to the border and they check the van if they anything suspicious.
Border Guy: Can I see your papers?
Van Driver: Yes.
Border Guy: You can go.
So they keep on driving till they finally get to Los Angeles.
Scene 5: As soon as they arrive in LA, they don’t know where to go. Then his other uncle comes
to pick them up in a taxi and takes them to his house. Jose is still asleep.
Silvia: Where do we go now?
Luis: I called Juan to come pick us up.
Jose was wakes up and he is confused.
Jose: Where am I at? He thoght to him self.
Silvia: We’re in LA mijo.
A few minutes, later Jose’s uncle Juan comes in a taxi.
Luis: He’s here.
Silvia:Who's here.
Luis: Juan.
Juan: I am going to take you to my house.
Silvia: How far is it to your house
Juan: About an hour. Why?
Silvia: Because I am hungry, I haven’t eaten in a long time.
Juan: I have food in my house.
They get in the taxi to go to Juan’s house.
Scene 6: Two years later; and Jose is now five years old.He’s entering pre-Kinder.His mom and
him are getting ready to go to pre- Kinder.
Silvia: Apurate were going to be late.
Jose is thinking in his head am sleepy.They were waiting for the bus outside patiently.When he
got to school Jose was feeling lost because he didn’t know anyone.
Jose: No quiero.
Silvia: You have to so you could learn English.
Jose enters and he sees other little kids.Jose feels lonly and scared because he doesn’t know
anyone there.Then at 12:00 Jose’s mom came to pick him up. Jose was lonely in between all
those kids.
Scene 7: Later, Jose is at his house sitting down in the bed and his mom comes in.
Silvia:How did the first day of school went.
Jose: I didn’t konw any one there I didn’t like it because I felt scared.
Jose: I think that nobody liked me.
Silvia: Give it time you”ll get used to the school and the little kids.
Jose: Okay.
Two days later Jose made a friend Anthony. Jose was nice so he made a friend that day.
Jose: I made a friend today.
Silvia:”Oh really!” Good for you. See I told you that you would make a friend it just takes time.
Jose realized that he could fit in with other people. Even if he feel lost and scared, he just had
to be patient. Jose is now 14 years old and happy. Looking back, Jose didn’t have to be scared
of being all alone because he made a lot friends. His friends helped him a lot when times were
rough and when he was alone. Jose is now doing good in school and has good grades, thanks to
his friends.

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