It's Nice to Have You Back !

February 18, 2011
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June 30, 2010
Dear Dad,
I remember the day that you got deported dad. The day when all my life changed. It was sunny and I felt happy. Since that day I have been wanting to write you this letter dad. I have been wanting to tell you how I felt. I wanted to tell you my heart went numd. I felt like if I was going to die.I want to tell you how sad I felt being I felt separated from you.

The way I tried to change was to start to think different about things and life. My personality was changing.I remember you told me you were going to go to court too see if you would get your papers. Dad, you told me to behave well in school and I said okay and you gave me a kiss in the cheek.Then, you left to court. I left to school. I came back from school, but you were not there Dad. That was weird because usually you were home so I thought you just went to do something.

However, hours passed and dad you were not home. It was getting dark.Then,the phone rang around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. It was you, Dad, but you told me to call my mom because you needed to tell her something. I called her so she could talk to you on the phone. I gave my mom the phone and left the room.

My mom stared to talk to you, Dad. Then, she hung up the phone and stared to cry. I went to check what had happened . She called my sisters, Jennifer and Kimberly, to tell them what had happened too.We all stared to cry because she told us you had gotten deported. None of us knew how this had happened.We couldn't believe, it we just thought that you were going to The Los Angeles court and then you were going to come back home.

We never thought you were going to get deported. I miss the great times we shared together. I remember when you took us to eat to a place called El Mercadito del Este .You took us to eat whatever we wanted and to get a ice cream or a smoothie. I felt really happy that day.

I felt really sad because you were a really close person to me and I couldn’t believe you were gone. I loved talking to you. You will always tell me to do the right thing and to not lie to you. You taught me almost all the things I know how to do. I don't know how this happened and why it happened to our family.

I wonder how we are going to go through life without you.It is going to be hard to gethroughht this and with my mom alone working to feed 4 kids. It is going to be very hard for her. My mom’s personailty is very nice when we don’t get her mad. She can be nice and a caring person. Dad, your personailty is very awesome, but when it comes to when somebody hurts your daughters or your family you are really mean.

“Yo le dije a mi mama esto no esta pasando. Esto es una mentira. ” (This is not happening. This is a lie.)

“Mi mama me dijo no, esto es verda, no es una mentira sí está pasando. (This is real it is not a lie it is happening )

“I couldn’t belive it.”

I told myself this all happened so fast. It was just difficult to understand what had happened . What I want to know is why the government took you away from us. I also want to know what happened when you where in court. How did this happen and why did it happen to you ? For a moment I thought that I was never going to see you again.

The only way I would talk to you was when you called to say hi to my mom and to us. Now, I could talk to you because you gave my mom the number where we could call you if we need something or wanted to talk to you. We could call you whenever we wanted.

But, I know how much I love you dad. I also know that I may never get the answers I want. I all so, now that life is not perfect.

So at the end I finally got to see you again after 8 months. I couldn’t belive it. I was squishing a cardboard box like always. Then a red car pulled up on the drive way and it parked. I didn’t really pay much attention to it so I kept squishing the box then somebody said my name,so I looked up and it was you dad.At first, I thought I was seeing or something.But then you hugged me and I just hugged you and I didn’t cry.To be honest, I really wanted to cry but I acted strong because I couldn’t belive it and I was so happy you came back.After that, Dad, you started to cry when you saw my little sister. You cried because she saw you and she said “Daddy” and ran to you and cried for a while then she ran off to tell her friend that you were back.My other sister cried more than everyone and we were shocked because she is the bravest one in the family.

I remember what you were wearing that day a blue shirt and blue grayish pants.You came back January 25, 2011 at 3:45 p.m. It was a Tuesday, it was a nice day sunny but fresh. The next day I was really happy and my friends noticed.So they asked me why was I so happy and I told them it was because you had come back dad. So since then I have been really happy. So we should apprerciate our parents and everybody else.


Your Daugther

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