Gone Like The Wind

February 18, 2011
By , Los Angeles, CA
To begin, I was five years old and I thought that I was living happily with my family. I always had fun with my dad, Julio, a tall man with short black hair, who I was named after. Every time I was bored, my dad would say, “Ven, vamos a jugar con tus carritos” (Come on, let’s play with your cars). Those words always made me happy.

I always wanted to play with my dad but as the months passed, I noticed that my dad was acting strange. There was a distance opening up between him and our family. Our play times became less frequent and our conversations disappeared, so I played on the soft couch all by myself.

Soon enough, my dad asked me, “Quieres venir conmigo o te quieres quedar con tu mamá?” (Do you want to come with me or do you want to stay with your mom?)

When I heard those words, I got really confused! At first, I wanted to go with my dad, but one day, my impression of him changed.All of a sudden, I woke up one morning and found my mother in bed quietly crying. I guess that she thought that I would choose to go with my dad and not stay with her but seeing my mom cry made me feel sad.

I made the biggest choice in my life, I chose to stay with my mom. I didn’t know why I just said it with out thinking but watching my mom crying over me made me feel very bad.Therefore, my family got separated, I always went to my dad’s house.I remember running up that hill with a smile on my face. Everyday was the same, until one day my mom and I decided to go and buy some ice cream on a hot and brightly day, after we were outside the old building I saw my dad rushing towards us. He had something in his hand but I could not see it very well Because of the bright sun.

Suddenly, I told my mom, “Mira ya viene papa por nosotros...” (Look Dad is coming for us)

Before I could finish my sentence, I saw how quickly my dad swung his arm with his sharp long knife at my mom’s cheek. (swoosh). Blood was pouring out of her face. I was really shocked from what I had just seen. Never in my life had I been so scared, but I could not believe what had just happened. The people around us were asking if we were okay. Someone suggested we call the police, but my mom refused. I don't know why my mom refused to call the police.

Little by little, I grew to hate him, every time I heard my name I got mad. I came to hate my own name because I remembered who gave it to me. Two years after the incident, I was searching for a video game that my grandma stashed in my closet after searching for a while I found something that I did not want to see. It was an old photo album with pictures of me and my dad. When I browsed through it silently, my head went crazy. I saw so many pictures my dad and I having fun. Tears rushed down my eyes. I cried with anger and ripped every picture I saw. When every part of the book had been destroyed, my grandma came in. She looked down at the book and she smoothly hugged me with her cold arms.

Eventually, my stepdad came into our life. His name is Cesar Leal. Since then, my stepdad has always been by our side. At first, I was jealous that he was spending so much time with my mom, but little by little it stopped bugging me. I started getting closer to him too and I was happy that he was a part of our family. Before I knew it, I considered my stepdad as a father-figure. Over time, I came to call him “dad.” Thanks to my stepdad, my life has changed. He took the place of my biological dad, who only brought pain and suffering into our lives.

I know that Julio is still out there, but he will never be a part of my life. Even if he tried to come back in my life tomorrow, I would not forgive him. The damage he caused was too much to ever forgive.

Even though I would like to forget what happened, I would also want to try to forgive my dad and try to talk to him. I know it will be hard to talk to my dad, but one thing is for sure my heart will be crushed again. Right now, I am happy on how things are turning around for me. I'm really happy with my stepfather. I wish for everybody to live happy with their family and to always listen to what your parents have to say. Always appreciate the parents who are with you, they do the impossible to make you happy, I learned all of this when my stepfather tried to make me happy and forget those bad memories thanks to him I'm living happily.

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