The Mother Who Never Gave Up

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for never giving up on us. I know it was really hard for you to come back to us. My mom is a person that likes to have her hair short and she likes to have fun but sometimes is serious also she does not know when to give up. It all happened when my dad moved to L.A. and you stayed in Mexico with my brother, Enrique and I. My brother is funny and nice. We lived in Mexico D.F. for one year without my dad. In Mexico, we lived in a pueblo and it was always Peaceful and you always saw people playing outside.

One day my dad called and he told us ,“ I have gathered enough money to take you and your brother to the U.S.A.”

I told my dad, “I am so happy that we are going to get to see you.”

My dad replied, “I hope to see you guys soon because I miss you and your brother.”

In the year 1999, we were getting ready to go see the coyote that was going to help us cross to L.A., but then something happened that was going to change our lives. Mom you told us,“I am not going to be able to go with you guys, but don’t be scared.”

With tears falling from our eyes, we asked you ,“Why Why?”

Mom, you replied, “I have to go by myself because I cannot not go by car.”
We slowly replied, “Then why are we going by car?”

With sadness on your face, you responded, “You kids can go by car because you are small and you can pretend to be asleep, but I can’t because I am a grown up.”

The first thing that came to my mind was, “Does my mom still love us? Is she just trying to get rid of us?” At the time we left, I was as sad as the blues.

You were sad that you could not come with us but she had to be strong. After, we arrived in L.A. at 9:36p.m. at the night and we saw my dad, grandma, and grandpa. I was thinking in my head, “I wish you were with me right now.” I wanted to know what was going through your mind at the time that you were not with us.

When the time came for you to cross the border you were ready, but you did not know what was going to happen. We did not know when you started to cross sometimes we did not know if you would make it or not. At the time I was felling nervous because I did not now what you where going to go through. When you tried to cross you had to gather with other people that also wanted to cross. When you tried to cross you were caught and you got sent to jail for one day. After that happened, you tried to do it again, but you got caught again. Then you were too scared to cross, but you decided to try once more. This time when you got caught again you had to stay in jail for a week.

After that, you tried it again but you got caught for the third time and they put you in jail for a whole month. They told you, “If you are caught again, you are going to be put in jail for a year.”

Obviously, you were terrified to try again, but luckily you didn’t want to give up on us. Thank goodness, you tried to cross again for the fourth time and you made it. One day my dad told me and my brother that he had a surprise for us. When we saw that it was you, we were so happy we almost cried. You don't know how happy I was to see you because you’r the best mom and I think you are cool. At the time I saw your face, I was happy and relieved that you were going to be safe now! I was so happy that I could have eaten a bucket full of ice cream. But my brother,Enrique, did not look that happy because he still had the thought that my mom realy left us.?

I also want to say is thank you for all you have done. Even when things got out of control you did not give up on your dreams of having a better life. Also, I’m sorry that I was not there when you cross the border, but I know how hard it must have be to want to give up but I thank you for not giving up. I want to say that I am going to take advantage of what you did for me. I am not going to let it go to waste. Thank you. The way I am going to take advantage of what you did is by working hard in school and I hope I make you proud of me.



The author's comments:
It is for my mom

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