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In the Face of Death Keep On Going

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

My advice to everyone is: Even if you lose someone in your life, just keep going. Someday you will find another person who loves you as much as that person did.

I was about 9 years old, playing soccer in the middle of a dirt street, Santa Rita Yoro in Honduras at the top of a hill.The cemetery was at the bottom of the hill. The temperature was almost 90 degrees at 7 p.m. It was a normal night like every other one; until some guys passed in a silver truck. The truck stopped and I looked at the guy that was in the back of the truck. The guy stared at me back with a weird look. He looked scary and he had a MS tattoo on his neck. I got extremely scared.

I saw the guy turn around and told the driver something. They kept going for about half of block. I heard the people screaming but I didn't know why. I was curious, and I said to my friend, “let’s go see what's up”.

My friend looked skinny and dirty. He use to look dirty because he used to play soccer a lot, he was always dirty because of the hot sun caused him to sweat. My friend shouted to me, “Vamonos a la m----- de aquí porque si no los puede pasar algo.” ( S--- let’s go or something might happened to us. )

I responded , “Porque te tenes que asustar, vamos como que nos van a matar ( Why do you have to get scared like they’re going to kill us )

Despite my friend’s desire to leave, we went down to the street to see what had happened. I saw a woman terribly crying and saying, “Asesinaron a mi hijo.” ( They murdered my son ).

I didn't know it was a drive-by, as I told the owner of the place “Le jodieron el negocio” ( They messed up your store).

He replied “The store doesn't matter what matters is the people that got shot”.

I offered to help him clean up the store. He responded by asking if one of my family member was shot. I had forgotten that my uncle used to play with his friends. I went home to ask my grandma if my uncle had come home; he hadn't. I told my grandma that there been a drive-by on the corner. She got worried and asked me, Have you seen him? I stated “no”. My grandma answer, I asked her can I could go look for him she told me yea but be care full .

I went to look for my uncle and I couldn't find my uncle so got a bad feeling. My uncle was tall like a tree and strong like a rock hes a happy person he got shiny spike up hair. He always used to say Axel u always have to look gorgeous for the girls.My uncle was 17. I love my uncle because because he took care of me and he took me to places, such as the park and the mountains. As I of my beloved uncle as I looked for him. I asked about him in El Chorizo bar and he hadn’t been seen at the drive by.

I went home and he was there! I was so happy to see him there, but I still had a bad feeling. Some of my friends used to go there kick back. The next day I went to visit the houses of the people that I knew. I found out that three of them died and two more of them went to the hospital. One died in the hospital and the other one survived.The one that died named was Anthony. Alfredo survived a shot in the testicles, he had to use a straw to go to the bathroom and could no longer walkout. Alfredo always looked happy and he was a good soccer player. After he got shot, he couldn't play anymore.

After the drive-by he couldn't walk anymore and he used to look sad. The cops didn’t do anything about that and that's why every body hated them.When we used to see them in their car passing by we used to tell each other. “Look at them there good for nothing”.

The next day, we buried the friends who died. Six months later I turned ten. I came to L.A. every time my mom calls my grandma in Honduras I always tell my grandma to say hi to Alfredo. Now I sometimes have dreams about Alfredo being dead. I still think about the friend I lost. I wish I could go back in time so that I could go fishing with him again.

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