I Can't Call You "Dad"

February 18, 2011
By , Los Angeles, CA
Dear Mauricio,

I can’t even call you “dad” because it just doesn’t feel right... Let’s see where I should even begin? First, you dated my mom, Mirna, and had three gorgeous girls with her in the United States, Los Angeles, California. Soon after that you cheated on her.

Stop right there.

What is the matter with you?!? Just because you’re in L.A. doesn’t mean that you can go looking for a different girl once you’re done using her! For all I know, you could have I don’t know how many kids in this world and I don’t know how many step brothers and sisters I might have. When my mom found out about you and that other girl, you started beating her in front of my sister aka your daughter!!!


You know, I sometimes whisper to myself, “Who was my dad? Why was he so cruel? Did he leave because of me?”

It’s kinda hard to think that I actually doubted my mom sometimes. I found myself wondering, “Does she deserve to be beaten? Did she do something wrong?”

But the truth is, she never did anything wrong.

Even to this day I still kind of feel guilty because I ask myself, “If I would have never been born would you still have stuck around? If I wasn’t born would my sisters, Yamilet and Yocelin, have had a better life?”

Then, you left with another woman. Funny that it was the same woman that you were sleeping with while you were dating my mom. All I can say so far, is thank God you did not marry my mom. I hate you so much I don’t even have words.

I sometimes wonder, what my mom saw in you I mean you’re not ugly, but hideous to me. You have a big, dark brown beard, you are skinny but my mom said you ate like a pig. If you wonder how I know this it’s because I have only one picture of you. Now on the other hand she looks kind of pretty and acts very kind to people all the time.You will never meet someone like her. She also has long brownish red hair, but only because she dyes it.

Mirna might not have best the qualities in the world but she does have some good ones. For example she works all the time because she has to care of me and my sisters with no help from you. (Thank you). She knows how to cook, clean and can even hold a job. WOW!!! Good thing that every one says that I look nothing like you.

You have never been there for me I don’t even know you the only one that has been there for me is my mom. She has been my mom and my dad through all the good and bad times. I wonder why, why haven't you been there for me? Sometimes I wonder, did you really think that, your other family was more important than us? I wish I could meet you just to tell you everything I feel about you and trust me there’s not one good thing.

I remember my mom and her friend,Nancy, were telling me that once my sister, Yocelin, was rapidly rushed to the hospital because she had an infection in her mouth. Nancy went to your house because at this time, you were already living with that chick. She only went to go tell you to go because my sister just started bursting into tears and crying for you because she was the closest one to you.

Nancy went inside. “Hey get your things because Yocelin is in the hospital. Come on let’s go I don’t have your time hurry up,” she screamed with attitude.

You replied very rudely, “No, I don’t want to go I am staying here with my family.”

Nancy responded very mad and upset, “Look if you are not there at 6 o'clock sharp so god help me I will burn this house down with you and your trashy family in it!!!”

It was funny because afterword she told us that you were there exactly at 6:00 p.m man, you should have seen me and my sisters cracking up when we heard that story I laugh so hard I couldn’t even breath.

Behind that story, I did learn something about you. For example, you beat up my mom so many times yet you are still afraid of Nancy. Ha, ha, ha, you are such a coward and very pathetic. I know I would be terrified of Nancy, but come on you’re a man, or are you? Well if you are one, man up! I know that Nancy acts kinda mean and tough because she’s always getting into fights. Nancy has an attitude but she’s really cool if you get to know her but you never did because after you cheated on my mom she hated you, that’s why she was always mean and a b**** to you.

I think that the person that hates you the most would be Yamilet, my oldest, meanest sister. Now she recently turned eighteen soon to be nineteen. I’m related to a girlie-girl, my sister, that unfortunately loves Hello Kitty. Anyways, you beat my mom in front of her I am not sure, but I think you also hit Yamilet a few times. I can guarantee you that you are not going to heaven you are going to the other place.

Sometimes I wonder, what you were thinking when you beat my mom. Did you do it for fun or did you do it because my mom really did do something to you? No, I don’t think it was because of that. I don’t even think you have a reason why you beat her. I’m pretty sure that she was crying her eyes out every day, but you just never stopped, did you? You kept the beating going until she finally got up the courage to stand up for herself.

If that would have been me, I would have sent you to rot in jail, just like my mom did.

After that, you sent your sisters to threaten her to make her bail you out. Luckily, Nancy the tough chick and very over-protective, was there to tell them to leave our small, cramped apartment. They ran as fast as lightning but only because Nancy chased them out the door. It was so cramped that it was like living in a box. Back then we didn’t have a lot of money. We were kind of broke so five people were living in a single apartment. I wonder why you sent your sisters to resolve your problems. Haven’t you ever heard that violence is never the answer and haven't they ever heard of mind your own business? When I was younger I never understood anything. Little by little, as I got older I understood a little more every year. Now at my age, fourteen I understand everything.

Now, you know a little bit about how I feel about you. I hope you don’t do the same mistake that you did to us to somebody else. You actually taught me a lesson which was no matter how many bad things you go through in your past, you can get through it because you will always have your family to support you in anything. Even though you caused so much pain in my family, what you did made me who I am today. I am a strong girl who is very close to her family because you made me realize to appreciate them. I’m so thankful for having them in my life. After everything, I just can’t call you “dad”.


Katherine (the girl who used to be your daughter)

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