Letter to My Heroes

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Mom and Dad,

I appreciate everything you have done for me. The struggles and questions you had when you came to the U.S. Wondering what to eat, where you were going to sleep, what job opportunities you might find? Not understanding what people were telling to you in English. You showed a lot courage and bravery.

You gave me everything you didn’t have as a child. Mom, I remember when you told me, “You have it lucky right now. I remember when I use to work all day for minimum wage in Salvador.” Dad, you would just say, “Living in the U.S is easier than living in Salvador.”

Dad, I still remember when you explained to me how in El Salvador you had to dropout from school to support your family. Meanwhile, Mom would always mention that she would sneak out to go to school to have a proper education because her parents wouldn`t allow her to go. The only thing that mattered to her parents was money. She also told me that she made it to 9th grade and followed your footsteps of dropping out. Frankly, her parents became furious when they found out.

Kids from the U.S. would be happy to never go to school but they don`t understand that you would never make friends or go places if you did. They wouldn`t even have a proper education, they are always going to get help from others! For example, they wouldn`t go somewhere to “hang out” to go to the mall or just sit around and talk. Clearly, they would just work all day to support their family instead. Futhermore, it would be hard for them to even find a job with their low level education, especially a well-paid job.

I notice that I don`t show much appreciation, but because of both of you I will go far in life. I have never met someone who made it to the top without any hard work and dedication. I believe you should put 110 percent on your work. Mom and Dad, because of what you’ve taught me, I would never do anything to disappoint you. I know it wouldn’t be worth it to lose your trust because trust from your parents is hard to gain back.

When I see other kids these days disrespecting their parents, I feel ashamed because everything they have is thanks to their parents. I don`t know why they think they have the right to treat their parents as if they were slaves--it`s terrible. In addition, most kids try to take advantage of their parents sadly by getting away with trouble making. I wish they could understand that they should respect them. For this reason, most people get far apart from there parents and most of them regret doing what they did to them, carelessly making them cry and suffer. Parents would never want something to happen to their children, they would do anything to protect them. No money in the world can repay for what their parents have done for them.

Dad, because of you I became the person for who I am today. Dad, I also wonder why you would cut your as a military hair cut with your shirt tucked in always. I remember when you described your home in Salvador. You told me, “My house was goregous, huge and white. There was a minature waterfall, a stream, and moist grass all over. The air would always whistle and it would get pitch dark around 6:00.” Even though it was beautiful, you worked hard for that land. Furthermore, doing great in school would get you a well paid job. Eventually, you won`t need to work hard when you have a job you like.

Dad, it`s hard to believe you were mistreated as child. Your father was very abusive. In most cases, parents become abusive to their children because of what happened in their childhood. On the other hand, you took the opposite direction. You believed that since you were abused by your dad, you wouldn`t do the same for your child. In my mind, I remind myself, “You showed me how to be a strong person and accept who I am and never mistreat others.”

Mom, I noticed you became very sick. Knowing that you have type 2 diabetes and arthritis makes me worried. If anything were to happen to you I would go mad. Seeing myself without you is like living without any vision. I am trying my best to make you proud of me. Your honey colored eyes and your hilarious laugh makes my day. Despite your illness, I am dearly thankful everyday because your case isn`t that bad.

Lastly, I believe that you shouldn`t complain about what you don`t have; just appreciate what you do have in life! Your parents have done everything for you, so instead of complaining about them, you should thank them! Thank you, Mom and Dad.

The author's comments:
This is a letter that I made personally made for my parents and my gratitude towards them. I included many examples of disrespecting and people taken advantage from others. Hope you like it!

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