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February 17, 2011
By sirk_24 BRONZE, Hayesville, North Carolina
sirk_24 BRONZE, Hayesville, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Everything happens for a reason.

Choice #2 : Choose the first time you tried to do something new, and describe what happened. This should be in sequence and should reveal how the event affected you.


My sister and I trudged through the woods. We had our sledding discs in hand. Mom had told us that February morning of 2004 to be careful and put on warm clothes. I took that to an extent. I layered myself in five pairs of pants and exactly four sweaters, which probably saved me a broken bone, but no hat.

After about ten minutes of walking we reached the steep hill, which we would now climb. I always hated this part and the snow made it ten times harder. Jessica started the climb and I followed behind reaching for a tree here and there to support myself. I must admit at the age of nine this great hill couldn’t over come me.

Jessica had made it to the top and decided to stop and rest to take a breather. Reaching the top I stopped and made up my mind and did the same. As I sat I put my disc underneath me. All that concerned me was keeping my rear from being froze. I didn’t think anything I was doing could be a danger to myself.

The next moment all I could make out was that I was moving down the hill, flying fast past the trees. I spun around like a spin top and then “THUMP” I hit a large stump. Anything from that moment forward is blank to me. Waking up at the hospital, I was only interested in remembering my multiplication tables. I began to multiply and the first word I said was “nine times nine equals eighty-one”. My mother giggled and I was relieved. I hadn’t even noticed I was in the hospital.

My sister came in a while later and told me the whole story of what had happened. She said after hitting the stump I continued to scream. Well, all of this screaming stopped after I encountered four trees hitting each one with my head. From then to the time I hit the snow covered ground I began to snore and my eyes were rolled back which she noticed while rolling my onto my back. I assume that’s when she began to realize I was no longer conscious. I found this story a bit amusing. Especially after she notified me that the car reeked and would definitely need a deep cleansing since I threw up all over the seats and carpet. My family didn’t mind so much, all that mattered to them was me being alright.

All of a sudden it came to my attention that my pants were no longer on me. They had to cut them off I found out from my mom who saw me looking around frantically. She found it comical that I had worn so many layers. The hilarious part is, it did save me a fracture or a break. I’m glad to say that once listening to my mom actually sounded pretty good to me.

The doctor came in and told me I had to get a cat scan. This sounded freaky to me and I must admit I was a little afraid. It didn’t hurt at all, and the machine made a funny noise. I also saw my brain, my mom said it was rather small and tried to make a joke. The doctor smiled at this and told me I had a concussion.

I stayed in the hospital for probably a day or two. I can’t really remember it is very vague, I never got to go outside and I slept when I felt like it. These two days were the worst, I couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own or even just walk on my own. All the throwing up I did also just took a lot out of me and to top it off my head felt like jell-o, quite disgusting.

I can say all together I have learned a few things about myself and a lesson. I learned I have a peanut sized brain. Also that the hospital jell-o is not my favorite by far, and that walking with a head injury is almost impossible. The lesson I think I’ve learned is to never sled in the woods, there are trees. But, if you ever do decide this is the task you wish to do, please listen when I say this five hats would look great with those five pairs of pants. You could always save yourself a concussion.

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