Squirrels getting killed

February 17, 2011
By joker21 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
joker21 SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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“Bing” it was shot, as I blocked it from the dreaded sun rays slitted though the violent hole.
Approximately 250,800 squirrels die from getting hit by vehicles every year. If that many
squirrels die how many are there?

The worst thing that would happen to the squirrels,I went straight to my back yard I was so lazy my make slang shot was right there not my BB gun, there were rocks there to so I moved my hand and and quickly picked it up I find a squirrels, I pulled it back had my aim ... it was down, it fell as it was falling off a plane when it hate ground spilt it was, gut spiting all over the the floor ,I saw another squirrels it was as bloody as a human getting shot when it fell, aim and and fired it was down I think that the squirrels were seeing how the squirrels that was shot and if they were silt alive even with all that blood there.

It took so much time that my backyard was filled with fly’s and squirrels I all ready know that that was going to be a lot of blood in there it had to stop but it was so fun it give me so much practice that I could become a pro at this and could shot thing with my BB gun in small spaces. That was a lot of squirrels there, I all most got caught doing that.

Many life were gone and squirrels. Bing” it was shot, as I blocked it from the dreaded sun rays silted though the violent hole.Ever squirrels life had ended like that.

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