Dreaming Skies

February 16, 2011
Sparks fly in the night, shooting stars surrounding the earth that lies below, you may not understand where I’m coming from here, but it depends if you’re a dreamer like I am. The sky, the wonderful heavenly night sky. People just say it’s just plain black with boring white shimmery things. No, it’s much more than that, or at least to me. The big black blob you think of is a majestic ocean in the eyes of a dreamer. The white boring dots you see are doors locked, with wondering secrets behind their past.

The black ocean, the stars as glowing white flower petals. When looking at this majesty, I’m stuck in a ghostly gaze. Losing awareness and hope of everything around me. As if the night has the key to my spirit and I’m its loyal knight. The mysterious moon, very questioning to life and pain. Its radiant white glow in my blue, curious eyes. Staring at this magnificent giant, my eyes under its heavenly glare. I believe the glorious, purified moon is the great guardian of the misunderstood night.

When this black ocean lays at rest, when deceased, the bright luxurious daytime sky arises. The golden morning first to come. With the God of the sky still at rest. Only a slight visual lights rays beyond the forgotten mountains in the far distance. Yet the morning shall not last this new born day.

Now the God of day arises. With its blinding light conquering the shadowed darkness. Day is now painted with an ocean blue, yet around the godly sun, it’s unlike I ever seen. Think I’m mad on how I see this kind of life? You may think so, but I shall not lie in the cursed hands of humanity.

Dawn has arrived, and now the godly sun is put at rest. The chaotic darkness fights back and the blinding light are shattered. Colors of neon pink, brightly orange, and shadow purple now paint the sky. Wind starts to sing and dance among the ground. Waking up the grass and trees to dance and sing along. Now all of it deceased. Night is reborn again amongst us.

Now do you still think I’m mad? Say what you must, I know exactly who I am. A dreamer, of night and day. Maybe only certain people can describe this journey. I may be part of humanity, but the skies are my only escape.

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