Who i am today thanks to my brothers

February 23, 2011
By , Waterbury, CT
I have two younger brothers. As of now I am heading to college, and as a tribute to my two loving brothers for helping me become who I am today I decided this was the best way to accomplish it.

I grew up as an only child enjoying the simple silences and the hours of stillness in which my deviance mind could roam freely. I was eight years old, at the time I couldn't understand how a child could come out of my beloved mother’s stomach. Still, I suppose it was possible because mother came home with a much smaller stomach and a rather cute bundle of flesh wrapped gently in her arms; At least that’s what I thought before it opened it’s mouth. And to this day I am still befuddled to as to why one just wasn’t enough.

My first brother is named Christopher, he just recently turned eight and we are all thankful and praise God for him, for we feared he would have been gone a long time ago. I learned from experience to look at my life in a more positive light and learned I have many things to thank my brothers for. I thank my brother for the patience he’s given me. The patience I've used multiple times when he’s decided to ask me a question that I've already answered yesterday, that he probably forgot. I thank him for the extensive vocabulary that I've learned just so he won’t understand what I'm saying fearing that since he is such a social child he might accidentally slip my age, school, address, cell number, birth date, where I've been, who my friends are, and where I'm going tomorrow. I must say I've been lucky enough to keep my social security number from him afraid that he’ll put it on Facebook, not that he has one but then again, my brother is very smart. I thank him for the data he’s given me on DHARS (Defective Hearing And Response Syndrome) and have come to the conclusion that no matter how quick the reflex time is, the backhand to the head is ineffective. Thanks to him my determination in finding the cure has grown and even though I plan to become a vet I will continue my research in dedication to my brother Christopher.

My second brother James is six years old and i continually pray, being that I am from a religious family, that he’ll make it safely to the age of seven in December. I must say I am bias to the fact that I thank him more than I thank Christopher. I thank him for the sliver of sanity he leaves me before he laughs himself happily to sleep. I thank him for the life lessons he’s given to me such as: “age is nothing but a number and it doesn’t mean you’ll win” or my personal favorite, “I’m cuter than you, that’s why you lose.” I thank him for the many debates that we’ve had that makes me weary of what I say because it can and probably will be used against me in the future. I thank him for teaching me to be more attentive about what I do or else my little Nazi will tell Hitler and God only knows what will happen then. I also thank him for showing me that not all children were born angels, some were born manipulative and cunning.

I thank my brothers daily and pray that they grow up quickly so that I may fully utilize Proverbs 22:15 “spare the rod, not the child.” Always keeping in mind that they may stay ALIVE and WELL because somewhere deep down I think I love them. And so I shall conclude this essay, seeing that my little brother has just walked in the room, called me evil and pranced away. Taking my leave so that I may teach him the difference between God’s loving forgiveness and mine.

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