Home Alone

February 7, 2011
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I told my cousin that I was not scared of anything and he was about 16. I was going to school and I heard some noise and I just kept walking because my mom told me there was nothing to worry about it could just be a dog or a cat or maybe even a bird. So I got to school on time like always. It was almost 3:05 and I was getting ready to leave. The bell rings so I start walking home I got home and no one was home I called for my mom but she was not home. So I walked into my room and watched T.V. I got board and left to go and play with my friends. But one of my friends had to go to the doctors and the rest were just not home I started to walk home. I saw somebody I my room but no one had the key but me so I started to run to my house. The front door was open. I walked in I started to walk to my room and no on was in there but the door was locked. I started to get hungry I found nothing so I had to wait for my mom to get home and ask her to make the dinner in was getting dark outside.

I turned on the t.v and I watch cartoons I herd a a low grunt. I started to do my homework and again I herd that low grunt so I went to the living room and I saw a shadow run across the living room. I ran and waited to see if I saw something and I saw the most ugliest creature it was really tall and very skinny. It started to run at me and I went into my room and I locked the door. I got out my air soft gun and hid in the closet I started to load my air soft gun and waited and listened and I was scared. As I waited for my mom to come home I stayed in the closet I came out only to go to the bathroom luckily I had a bathroom in my room. I ran quickly into into my closet and sat down I called my mom and asked what she was going to get home I did the same with my dad.
The creature entered my room and was opening my closet I started to shoot when it’s ugly face. It yelled stop and said my name it was my older cousin he said I was just trying to scare you that was my biggest fear .

What I learned that day is to never say that you aren’t scared of anything and always have your air soft gun with you while you are alone in your house.

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