Giving Each Other Peace

February 18, 2011
By , Los Angeles, CA
As you can see, I was like about 10 - 12 years old, when me and my brothers still got along very well with my dad. When me and brothers would get along with my dad we use to go to places like family including my mom too. Most of the time, we would go eat or go to theme parks. On Sundays, we would go to places instead of being in the house. On hot weekends, we would go to the lake. Many days we would not even fight for stupid reasons. However, when I turned 13 its when it all started fights and other unnecessary arguments I was surprise that my dad had change to. Before I got home, it was 3:40 and it was a Friday and I was coming from my school (Berendo Middle School) and it was a beautiful day because it was sunny, cloudy and kind of bright. I came in the house I saw my mom in the kitchen and my dad on the brown couch.

So I saw my dad and he looked angry with his skinny tilted eyebrow. I said, “Hey, Dad.”

He replied with a tired voice, “Hey, son, I'm going to fix something outside.”

At the same time he left I turned on my amp and started playing my bass. I saw my mom and I asked her, “Hey, mom, what’s there to eat?”

She told me, “Nothing yet I'm about to make some food.”

Meanwhile, I kept playing some bass and my dad came in and said,“Turn it off! I want to watch watch TV” in angry voice.

I got as mad as a bear and I replied, “No, why do I have turn it off if you were outside doing something!” I told him in a mad tone. We always argue for stupid reason because he loves to argue a lot. He’s been doing this for months I almost socked him out but I didn't because I can’t.

We started arguing for two minutes but i left to my room. I started playing my XBOX 360 and I was talking to my friends.

Minutes later, my dad came in and told me, “Turn that sh** off you’re being loud and I have to leave to work in while!” he told me in an angry voice. I knew he wanted to sleep, but I felt like he didn’t let me do anything and he can’t say it kindly to turn it off.

Of course, I felt so I told him, “What the f*** do you want me to do I can’t play bass because your watching TV and now I can’t play xbox because I’m being loud man what the f***.”

Then he left the room. After, he yelled at me and my brothers and the problems always start when we use electronics.

The next day, I came home but the good thing was that my dad wasn’t there so I told my mom, “Hey, Ma, where’s my dad?”

She told me. “He is still working as far as I know.”

I went on and tuned my bass and played some music. While I tuned my bass so it could sound good. Then I said to myself, “Hopefully he doesn't come early.”

After I started playing for a while to warm up and then my comes in telling me, “Why all the time I come in you have to be playing bass?”

This time I didn’t reply. My mom replied and she told him, “Why all the time you come from work you have to take it out on Elmer?”

What my mom told him got him more mad and he yelled at her, “Shut up this is not your problem this is between me and him.”

That got me so mad that I told him, “Hey, what the f***. Don’t yell at my mom. She’s just saying the f*** truth, alright!”

Finally, he left and I went back to playing bass and my brother Eric, who’s 15, came in and told me, “Dude, what the f*** happened?”

I told him, “Nothing, dad is acting like a little d***”. Then we started jamming for a while and this time my dad came in yelling at Eric and told him, “Where the f*** were you?”

Eric, my brother was at his friends house kicking it.

Eric told him “Since when the f*** do you care?”

They started arguing and I quietly walked away like nothing and play xbox and chill while they argue. When we would fight, I felt hatred toward my dad. I was mad at him because he would always come fighting. All I wanted was to have good relationship with my dad. I may not respect him when we argue, but I have learned that in order to get respect you have to pay respect too.

Whenever, I would talk to him about something I wanted he would just say no. If I would ask him to buy me something he would say no because it was a waste of money. I know we are being separated because we have been having all these crazy fights lately. I mean, it’s horrible because if you have a father that you can’t trust what’s the whole point of asking if you’re going to say no. All this time, we have been fighting this whole year of 2009 my dad was just growing hate inside of me.

Now that we’re in 2010 we luckily stopped with the fighting and moved on as if nothing. happened.Are Arguments stopped because me and my brothers have been doing good. Sometimes we still have arguments but it is our fault. We now go out to places and hang out more with our family. We stop the fight not long ago, but now with a little brother it’s all chill. Some fights go on sometimes with me and also my brothers but like some days not all the time.

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