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February 3, 2011
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I am a poet. I am an athlete. I am a person with feelings. I am Cindy S. All of these aspects of my life.
As a poet, I know that writing must come from the heart. To me, writing is an expression of who you are. A story, poem or play is nothing without some sort of relation to the writer. It must be relative to something, and not just be words scribbled on a piece of paper. In my life, writing is a way to get things off my chest, and express my feelings.
As an athlete, I know that I must take care of my body. I must strive to do my best, but yet, when that level has been reached, strive to be better. I know that I must keep pushing my limit in order to be successful in everything that I do. When everyone else gives up, I must take a stand and keep pushing myself to set an example. Even when I near the top of the ladder, I know that I must extend it.
I am a person with feelings. Feelings that can be melded into something marvelous or be crushed to dust. To me, a person's feelings are not toys, but yet building blocks that help build a better relationship. Even if it is just as friends or something more. The way a person feels must have a reason behind it, and not just because.
I am Cindy S****. To some, it may be just a name; nothing special but, to me it is a tittle. A tittle given to me at birth. One that I must keep at all costs. It is mine, no one else.
I am a poet. I am an athlete. I am a person with feelings. I am Cindy S. All aspects of my life. I am my own person. I strive to be who I want and not to please anyone else.

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