It's a New Year

February 17, 2011
By , Hayesville, NC
As I reflect on last year I begin to notice that many events in my life have brought me pride and happiness. There have also been events that pulled at my heart and brought me pain and great sadness. Obama became our president, and I am proud he is the leader of the United States. I finally made it into High School where I established new friendships and obtained many new skills. My four-by-eight team made it to state, and placed sixth. These things were the upside of my year. They brought a smile to my face and lightened my heart, while strengthening my pride.

When an Earthquake hit Haiti I realized that my problems weren’t as large as theirs, I could be homeless and on the streets. My house was searched by the police, and every other week a social worker was visiting my sister and I at the school. Relationships I established with the opposite sex deteriorated and collapsed, taking all my strength with them. I saw that everything wasn’t all ponies and rainbows. Ice cream was absolutely not falling from the sky and it wasn’t hailing skittles outside. People didn’t care so much if what they were saying broke your heart. If I had the option to change things though, I wouldn’t. Everything that happened in my past structured me to be who I am today. Mistakes serve as great lessons, and getting hurt just prepared me for the future. Life isn’t a fairytale, sometimes you have to snap back into reality. Life is very rewarding; you should appreciate what you have while it is offered. My motto is “everything happens for a reason, just believe.”

There are a few attributes about myself that I view as flaws, which need correction. One characteristic that I feel makes me less the person I am able to be is my patience, or lack there of. I believe that I could be a more acceptable person if I acquired a greater amount of patience with people. This shortage of patience hasn’t gotten me into trouble in the past, yet conflicts commence within me. For example, I have lost my patience with people before and have said things I didn’t mean which hurt them. I tend to struggle with myself after something such as this happens because I know how I reacted wasn’t the appropriate way and making someone feel smaller is not the path to take when I want my space. People have feelings, and I should be able to respect them.

This flaw ranks me in a position where I am not reaching my full potential. I do not wish to be seen as a person who is cruel. Making these changes will be difficult in a few ways, but I’m inclined to adjust. Nothing is stopping me from making these alterations, I try day by day. I think the only obstacle that is in my route is time. I know it is going to take large amounts of time in order to achieve patience. You can’t expect to wake up one day and be completely different. There is always the possibility of returning to your old habits. Honestly, I can not say I love my quick temper. I wish it was not existent at all. Anger is an ugly occurrence. When people are angry you see a side of them that were invisible to the naked eye. It isn’t something everyone begs to have. When people get angered they put people down. I’ve seen this and done it myself, better yet I’ve been a victim of it as well, and it is extremely embarrassing. This characteristic is something I am aware of and I know I can turn myself in the opposing direction. I envision myself with patience and see an adequate person. I’ve always heard the quote “patience is a virtue”; that virtue is something I am deficient of.

Relationships grow and they fall apart. Some can be pieced back together while others are left behind. Last year I had my share of improvements in friendships. I gained new friends and also grew closer to friends I had felt I’d lost. I think my role in these improvements was the capability to be a listener. I simply listened when they needed to be heard, but spoke as it was necessary. Being accepting of their opinions and decisions helped considerably. Sometimes a friend needs a sidekick to help them fight off evil; I was that sidekick. On another note, this year however seems as if my friendships have come to a minimal. They still are existent, but some are barely hanging on. I sense that I am too busy to take the time that is important in preserving them. I would love to repair what has been broken. One friendship that I feel is growing back together is the one with the Lord. My relationship with him is very significant to me, especially because I know without him I’d be lost at sea. I’ve began reading the bible in with optimism that surely I will gain knowledge of everything he has given us and be able to value him immensely. Strength in my relationship with the Lord would be my ultimate key to happiness.

Making these modifications in my life will not always be easy. As I explained before I get busy and caught up in the world. I plan to make things right by telling the ones I feel I’m losing how much they mean to me. I want to make that step and piece our puzzles back together. Friends are an aspect in life that affects who you are in great amounts. My relationship with the Lord will hopefully grow enormously as I read the bible and follow his given path. I do not deserve what he has offered but I am thankful for what he has done. As I grow dedicated in my faith, I pray that being connected with him will make my friendships worth while for improvement. Like Chey says “Jesus is the answer”; I will let him lead the way.

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