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Giving Hope

February 14, 2011
By Anonymous

It was about six thirty in the morning. The sky was still dark outside with the moon still faintly showing in the sky. Every second, the sun was slowly getting higher and higher. Outside was dark and silent. It was too dark to see anything. Slowly, the day got lighter and lighter making it bright enough to see. That was when my phone made a sound. It was a loud noise that was set to ring for when texts were received. The sound woke me up.

I slowly pulled the covers of my bed out of the way. My feet landed on the floor and my legs felt heavy from not standing up for a while. While walking across my room, my eyes were still half closed. I bent down to my cell phone which was lying on my wood floor. I pressed a button to make the screen light up. The bright glowing of the screen woke my eyes up. My finger pressed a button and went to the messages. I looked and saw the person who had texted me was my good friend, Jane. As soon as her name appeared on the screen, one thing went though my mind. Knowing that her mom was very sick, I was hoped this text would have nothing to do with that. Of course the only reason anyone would text me so early was if it was important. I hesitated to press the button on the phone because if it was something bad, then that would be really sad and also, Jane’s mom was one of my mom’s best friends so that would be horrible. Only worry filled by mind. Every moment my finger was pushing harder and harder, about to reveal what I had been wondering about. Eventually, my finger pressed the button all the way down.

On the screen was a message. There was one short sentence that expressed a lot of feelings. It’s funny how you can say so little and mean so much. I didn’t want to believe it. At least it wasn’t the worst thing she could have said. The message Jane had sent me said how she was very scared because her mom looked very sick. My heart dropped at that point and I didn’t now what to say or do. Being really worried and panicked inside, I slowly arose from crouching down to see my phone and headed down the hallway to my parent’s room. With my head still spinning, I opened the door to the bedroom. My mom woke up and she slowly opened her eyes and murmured, “Yeah?” I showed her my phone and the expression on her face looked very worried.

I knew my mom was scared because she just stared at the screen. “Ask her if her mom’s ok,” my mom told me. So I took the phone and slid up the screen to the keyboard. My fingers went flying across the screen. Then I nervously waited for a response. She texted me back saying “Yes,” but that she was scared. A little sigh of relief came to me but not all of it because I was worried for my friend.

“She says she’s fine but she’s just really scared,” I told my mom. Seeing my mom’s face made me think she wouldn’t go back to sleep because she still looked nervous.
I couldn’t let my friend tell me this and not say anything that would make her feel better. I didn’t know what to say. My finger was just about to press the first letter when my mom stopped me. She wanted to help me write a response because she didn’t want me to say the wrong thing. As my mom was telling me what to write, my fingers typed very slowly not wanting to mess up a word. When the reply was done, I read it over and over again not wanting to say the wrong thing. I hoped the message I typed reassured her that everything would be fine. This would hopefully bring her a sense of hope. I didn’t want to make it worse. I pushed the send button hoping I made things a little better. A few minutes later, Jane texted back. She thanked me for helping her. It seemed like she felt a little better.

Even though wonder still filled my mind about whether things were actually better, I was more relaxed now. I was trusted more than I thought. No friend had told me something so personal before. I felt like a better person than I thought I was. I had known Jane for a long time. She moved to New York and we never really hung out or talked anymore. I didn’t completely forget about her but I didn’t think we were as close anymore. You can be so far away from someone yet, so close. It was strange. I didn’t think we were that close, but now it seemed to be clear.

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