From America to Scotland

February 10, 2011
You know if I could I’d get on a plane this second and come see you, no matter what time it is no matter if I’m sick and dying, I’ll find my way to you...because I love you.
You know that I’d put the world in your hands if the world was in mine, and give you all the power in that world if I had it in me...because I love you.
You know I’d talk to you for all hours of the night. (because we do most nights) I stay up and you stay up just so we can talk to each other. I don’t know about you...but it’s because I love you.
You know, or should know by now that the highlight of my day is when I finally get to hear your voice, and your guitar, and the song that’s soon to be mine. Its the frickin’ best and it’s because I love that song, I love you voice whether you are speaking or singing, and because I love the notes that come out of your guitar.
You know or should know by now, that I’d do anything for you, even though I’ve only known you since Friday, thats 1,2,3,4,5,6, days technically 7 because its 12:30 am right now.
Now you should definitely know, that you made me fall for you in a week...a week exactly.
But don’t get me wrong...Im young, I probably don’t know what love is but what I mean when I say I love you is this:
You make me smile at everything you say.
You give me butterflies when you sing.
You make my heart skip beats when you say Im beautiful.
You make me want to live a better life.
I’ve felt this way before,
But not exactly the same,
Not with a guy that really does complete everything on my list.
I’ve never told you about my list before so I’ll tell you now.
My list of the qualities I look for in my dream guy:
1.)Can make me laugh
2.)I can be myself with
3.)Is super sweet and cheesy at times
4.)Gorgeous like a model
5.)Plays guitar,sings,plays guitar and sings to me :
6.)Great hair
7.)Amazing eyes
8.)Doesn’t just care about what every guy seems to only care about
9.)Can call me pretty even when I have my hair up and no makeup on.
10.) I would like it if you didn’t do stupid drugs thanks.

Again, when i say “I love you” I mean it in stage number one ( to me love is in stages, its probably like that with other people to) stage number one is like you’re falling for them hard and quick too. Falling head over heels,heels over head either way it means you’ve found your way into my heart, it’s your choice whether you want to be there or not. I have no clue what you think about this, you either think I’m crazy and you hate me now or u don’t care or you like to hear this from me either way I’m scared. I know I should of kept this in maybe because you think I’m crazy now! I wanted to tell you you’re good at making girls fall for you.

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