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Dolphin Keychain

February 8, 2011
By JosieBailyZona BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
JosieBailyZona BRONZE, Medford, Massachusetts
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Finally the day came, I was going to spend the day achieving one of my dreams since I was a little girl. We were in Florida for a week during April vacation visiting all the amusement parks. We were going to a special park that was apart of Sea World called Discovery Cove. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to swim with dolphins, every year I go to the Jersey Shore where my family owns a house, there are so many dolphins out in the ocean you can see from the beach and I love watching them jumping and catching fish. I always have loved marine life and getting to see them in their natural habitat, but to be able to swim with them is an experience I will never forget.

Discovery Cove was for swimming with dolphins but also lounging around in this tropical atmosphere with heated water and coral reefs with fish swimming around. We got to spend the day swimming in a coral reef and snorkeling down this stream of water which was like a ocean but artificial and you could float down. There was a stingray tank where you could swim with them. I was too scared because I was afraid they would attack me. It was just amazing; toward the end of the day we finally got to where I wanted to be. Our dolphin’s name was Yoshi; I remember this because he was so adorable and such a playful dolphin. He was just a baby and we got to tell him commands and feed him. We got to kiss them too, which was so amazing because you cannot get much closer than that. It was so amazing to be so close to this creature that I have admired my whole life and before always saw only from a distance.

There were two other dolphins and they all did synchronized dives and jump and it was just perfect. They would go to the other side of the pool and all at once at the sound of the whistle jump up sometimes doing flips or different tricks. Then they would come back to all the people and get a treat of fish, which smelled like a port where all the fisherman’s boats are docked, and then they were off to the races again and do another set of amazing tricks. It was surreal being there realizing this was actually happening. We got to watch them enjoy there habitat and culture they live in, even though they do not live in the wild where they should be, they are very well kept and are not deprived of things. They are so peaceful and happy to be swimming around playing with others.

Photographers were snapping pictures of us and the dolphins interacting. I got a keychain with a picture of me kissing Yoshi. This is one of my favorites things ever because ever time I use my keys I get reminded of how I got to fulfill one of my dreams. I love to look at it because every time I can relive everything about that day in my head. I remember this day so clearly as if it was yesterday. I loved that day so much because I got to reach a dream of mine and that made me realize you can achieve your dreams and you should. That day I will never forget because of how much I wanted to do it. I am reminded of it everyday because of my k

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