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February 2, 2011
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We the youth have many opportunities, especially with education and involvement in our community. Before, there was not the specialized education that we possess now. Education is a wonderful benefit that we have, and we really need to appreciate it. Also, being able to be involved in our community is a great opportunity for us. We the youth have the right to an education and to our community. Now all of us can have an education, no matter our race, our color, or our disability-- we all have an opportunity.

In earlier times we did not have to get an education. Since there was no enforcement for going to school, there were very few people who would attend school. Many times parents would force their child to drop out so they could assist them in their everyday work. Now, we have the right to an education. We must attend school until the age of sixteen. All of us have the opportunity to achieve a high school diploma. We can have a big impact in the future because we can all attain an education.
Luckily we the youth have a public school education paid by taxes and the government. We can get the education we want. Full ride scholarships to go to college are now available so money doesn’t have to be the issue. For example, I have a full ride scholarship to the University of Nebraska in Kearney. We can all do it. I know that we are all capable of it. Can you believe that now money doesn’t have to come between our valuable education and us? Rich or poor, we can all have an equal education.
Involvement in our community is also very important. We can do so much to improve our community. All of us can make a huge impact because the future depends on us. There are many ways that we can be involved like donating some necessary supplies to the poor and helping to paint and clean up our community. Another project we can do is recycle. All these ideas can make a difference in our community.
Overall, we can get a great education and we can be involved in our community. Now, we all have to attend school. Money will not have to affect our valuable education. We can also be the difference in our community. All of us are equal and we are all the future. We need to stand up and be the difference by using the education that we are gifted with and helping out with simple tasks in our community.

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