Where Are You Dad?

February 2, 2011
By Jessiepop BRONZE, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Jessiepop BRONZE, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
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My name is Jessica, sometimes I go by Jessie, and other times Jess, and this is my story.

I am an eight year old girl, and I have a lot of friends. When I was born, my dad and my mom were always near me. When I opened my big brown eyes to look around I saw my dad and my mom were always there. I didn’t like to sleep, so my grandmother would walk around forever with me in her arms until I fell asleep.

I grew older, I learned to walk, to talk, and of course, to play. All of this was possible because of my parent’s guidance. I was happy. I also had a dog named Pepper; we had to give him away because I was allergic. He went to another home, I was unhappy. After a while I started to go to school, but before school we had to move to my grandparent’s house when I was three.

My brother, Ryan, was born. I did not want him. I told my parent’s to take him back to wherever he came from. I didn’t want to see him at all sometimes. My mom and dad helped me to accept him and love him.

I began to notice my dad was working later, and later. I was not happy. I had some nights where he wouldn’t come home. My mom insisted he was working. Then, as I guessed it, my mom and my dad said they needed to talk to us. They said, “Jessica, Ryan, we are getting separated. Whatever happens, don’t ever forget we will always love you the same way we always have.” Word’s cannot explain the way I felt that day. I felt that it was my fault. Then I heard it wasn’t my fault, or my mom’s fault. It was my dad’s choice to leave. I was very, very, unhappy.

About a month later, I figured out my dad had a girlfriend. I am ten years old now, so I fully understood what was happening. I did not like my step-mom and I hated to see her. My dad was replacing my mom with another young woman! I couldn’t take the pain. I had dreams that my dad would come back to us, but he never did. Then, my world came crashing down when my parents divorced. I am very, very, very unhappy. My mom had to work, clean, organize, and play with us, all by herself. I was extremely depressed.

Then, God told me to be happy, because he loves me, and my family. He told me to love everyone in my family, even my dad. He is watching over me always, I am happy again.

Four years later, and I am now fourteen years old. I live with my mom, and I am happy! My dad got married, and I despised my step-mom, it seemed like she only cared about my brother. I felt unhappy. I have had to learn how to cope with a parent’s divorce. I made new friends, and basically started fresh with a new attitude. Having divorced parents takes a getting used to, but in the end everything will turn out okay. God is watching over you always, every step of the way.

The author's comments:
Inspireed by my life.

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