February 1, 2011
By ClarestaAlim BRONZE, LONG ISLAND CITY, New York
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The air was thick and the night was freezing cold and super windy. Winds mercilessly blew things away. At about that time, usually the streets will be as festive as a night festival on Christmas but, it was the other way around, it was as quiet as a graveyard. The snow was falling heavily from the dark sky. We barely could see any star. It was such a pretty bad day.
On that day, I had a Nutcracker performance going with the Washington Ballet Company in Washington D.C. We actually had a really great time doing the Nutcracker but, there was bad news that a massive snowstorm was expected to strike Washington D.C. So our next-day show was cancelled due to that snowstorm. The snowstorm happened in the mid-December 2009.

Everyone was really worried and anxious. I was standing outside the Warner Theater. I was just waiting a yellow cab to get me in front of my residence. I was really having a hard time finding a cab. I have tried to call some of the company cabs but, nobody answered my call. It was quite a memory that I would always remember deep inside my head.

Twenty minutes has passed, I was still keep waving my hand for a cab. Finally, there was a cab coming over to my spot.

“Thanks God!” I shouted happily inside my heart.
“Where are you going, Miss?” the cab driver asked.
“I’m heading to 3140 Wisconsin Avenue right across the Cathedral church, Sir.”
The cab driver respond,” I’m really sorry, I can’t pass Wisconsin; my car will stall in the middle of the road, the snow was really thick in Wisconsin.”
I was really upset. I hated being alone in the middle of nowhere. My parents were really worried about me. They were thousands miles away from me. My nerve cells were telling me to call my school manager or I would never get to be home. It was 11:50 at night. She was feeling sorry for me and she would call a safe cab for me very soon. At last, the minivan came and sent me home safely. I was so relieved, so were my parents.

It was really a big moment that hard to be forgotten; the Nutcracker and the massive snowstorm. I always love to be involved in the performances. Even though I was having a hard time in the middle of the freezing night, I would never regret it; because I love performing more than anything else. It’s not just about audiences and tickets for sale. I love performing because we can show our feeling and expression toward our hard works, artworks and techniques. Performing can make us more confident, feel happier, and great to share skills. I always remember my grandmother’s quote in mind,” Never give up! Just smile and be yourself” She means it in a positive way. It is such a precious quote for me. Our smiling faces will make audiences feel warm and hearty. It illustrates an excellent spirit just as attractive as the sparkling stars and as precious as the blinking diamonds.

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