i wanna breathe

January 26, 2011
I wanna breathe, every breath filling my lungs so that they almost burst. I wanna feel, so much that it’s the most excruciatingly beautiful thing I've ever done. I wanna live, as courageously as a knight and as lavishly as a queen. I wanna love, as certainly as our imminent death and as carelessly as a child. I wanna dance, in the rain, in the sun’s refreshing rays, by the light of a full moon. And when I dance, oh when I dance, I want to dance so incredibly gracefully that people stop to marvel at the beauty that I am. I don’t want to wait for love. I don’t want to wait for time. I don’t want to wait for anything at all. I wanna live. I want to shout from every peak and every valley the wonders of my God. I want every soul to know of His greatness. I wanna live. For Him. In Him. Through Him. I wanna live. I wanna serve, as willingly as He did. Because when I breathe, I'm gonna breathe so that my lungs might burst. When I feel, I'm gonna feel so much that it overwhelms me. When I live, I'm gonna live for Him as courageously as a knight and His love will lavish me as riches lavish a queen. And when I love, I'm gonna love like there’s no going back and no second chance because this is the only chance. This is the only chance.

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