January 26, 2011
By Holly Hill SILVER, Park City, Utah
Holly Hill SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The art of focusing is not given naturally. It takes desire, and skill.
Click click click, click click click. I hear typing and more typing, and laughing and more laughing. The teacher has told us to please quiet down.. and it doesn’t make a difference. Its just one more word that slips out of there mouth, every time. One more word that brutally eats away at my mind as I attempt to write this story. Yeah, thanks I heard you. I understand that you don’t know what to do. But I am writing. When I write, it is important to me that I have a quiet peaceful environment to enjoy my thoughts flowing on paper in. That environment is not in a classroom, it is not in a kitchen, and sometimes, it isn’t even in my room. My room- overflowing with colors and faces and art. Sometimes it would be easier to have a plain, dark, window free room. I can not and will not work to my full ability in writing while at school, because I simply can not focus. Okay, phone. You can stop telling me I have 2 new messages. I get the point when I am deeply in thought and you vibrate. I don’t need you to light up and completely destroy my train of thought, but you will any ways. Maybe just a change in lighting will help me focus- or lose focus. Maybe to help me focus, I should be put in a small square room with 3 things- a table lamp and a pencil and paper. But... maybe not. Maybe all these distracting noises, movements and lighting changes will help me be more creative. Could being constantly distracted by multiple things actually increase my intentness into my thoughts? This question still remains un answered for me, but in some odd way I don’t think I could exactly write an amazing piece in the silence, but I possibly could. I feel a tad bi-
Noises are surrounding me.
I am nearly suffocating when it hits me. I just wrote a 400 word piece. That I could even say I am proud of. Creativity and focus are two completely different things. Or... are they? I really should thank the noises and movements for my thoughts.

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