Scary Malaga Experience

January 30, 2011
By Crispy_bacon_22 BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
Crispy_bacon_22 BRONZE, Alpine, Utah
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My family and I had started out on our trip early in the morning, and by the time we had arrived in the beautiful city of Paris, we were already tired, but as our final destination was Spain to see our grandparents, we couldn’t stop yet. We had been planning to get there early, have a nice meal, watch some soccer, and then rest up for our vacation. We were already late arriving at our grandparent’s house, and as soon as we landed in Malaga, there was yet another problem.

“Will you go and get our bags from the conveyer belt, Phil?” Mom asked. “Of course, I’ll be right back,” he replied. While we waited, we stood around trying to transition to the stuffy Spanish heat we would be living in for the next week. When my dad returned, he told us some bad news. “I only found two of our suitcases, so we’re still missing one suitcase, and Rachel’s booster seat. I waited until there were no more bags to come off the plane, but they never came,” he said. We went over to the service desk, and waited in line for over an hour to talk to a worker. “Hi, my family and I only have two of our four bags, and they contain important items to continue our travels,” Dad said. “I’m very sorry for the complication sir, but your bags and many others were left in Paris this morning and there is no way for us to get them here until the morning. We can deliver them to your hotel tomorrow, but that is the best we can do,” the worker said. We decided that we would just have to go on without our bags, and be missing a few things for that night.

Filipe was waiting for us in the terminal, but he wanted to leave so he could watch the big soccer game that was happening that night. “Hello, Felipe, I’m Philip, and this is my family. I believe we have reserved a car for this week through your rental service,” Dad said. “Yes, I have your car ready in the parking lot. If you would like, you could come with me to get it, and your family could just wait here,” Felipe said. “I think that would be best so they don’t get too hot outside. Also, the booster seat we brought for our little one got lost, so do you happen to have one you could rent to us just until tomorrow? ” Dad asked. Felipe replied, “I’m sure we could find one for you to borrow.” My dad said bye, and that he’d be back soon, and then we could finally leave.

My mom, my sisters and I sat down on some small, uncomfortable, airport chairs, and awaited my dad’s return. We thought nothing of them being gone for longer than they had said they would be, until my mom mentioned it. “They should be back by now. I wonder where they could be. There is no way just getting the car would take this long,” she commented. When she said that, tears almost instantly streamed down my face, and I started to think the worst of the situation.

What if I never saw my dad again? I was only young; I deserved to have my dad in my life. I suddenly regretted not hugging my dad goodbye before he left. We had a special bond, and if he was gone, I didn’t know what I would do. It was like I would never live again. I was so scared that my dad had been killed by this man that was recommended to us. We didn’t know his intentions, or his character.

After fifteen minutes more of waiting without any sight of my dad, we decided to turn to the airport workers. “My dad is gone, can you help us?” must have sounded like gibberish to the Spanish airport workers. None of them knew what we were trying to say, and for the next thirty minutes we took turns trying to get our point across to the workers. We eventually gave up, and just sat on the chairs, waiting.

After an hour and thirty minutes of waiting, my dad and Filipe finally came through those sliding airport doors. “Dad, Dad, we were so worried about you!” we all shouted, while running to hug him. “Why were you worried? We just went to get the car,” he said. My dad’s nonchalant attitude always made everything seem way blown out of proportion. He explained that they got the car quickly, but they went across the airport to get a booster seat for my sister, and that was the thing that took so long.

Although everything turned out alright in the end, I sometimes think about what would have happened if my dad had not come back. For one we would have flown straight back to the U.S., but it would have also changed my life a lot. Whenever I am in a fight with someone, I try
to think about what my life would be like without that person. Ever since this experience, I have tried not to take any moment for granted, no matter what the situation.

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