Wonders of Ms. Mother Nature

January 26, 2011
Over the Summer, I was making the long, painful journey down to Provo do go to Jump On It for my younger brothers birthday party. My friend, Katie, accompanied me. Because it was so hot, and dry I was wearing my white shorts and blue tank. I was having such a good time that the things that really matter, slipped my mind. I completely and totally spaced the fact that Mother Nature had given me my monthly gift that day. As you can imagine, jumping on a hundred tramps with a special surprise that day wasn’t exactly the best idea that I had ever had!

So after my dear friend Katie filled me in on what I looked like, I sprinted as fast as I could straight over to the bathroom to inspect the verdict. It was pretty bad, so I had Katie run out to grab my mom. My mom gave me her sweatshirt and I tied it around my waist, so I would look okay to go out into the lobby. We decided that the best thing to do would be to go over to the closest Old Navy so that we could purchase some new pants and some feminine products.

In the end, its just another lesson learned I guess. Now I know to be careful in everything that I do!

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