Pen Catastrophes

January 23, 2011
Pens are simple to use; click the top or pop the cap off and start writing. Fountain pens on the other hand require gentleness and patience. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve tried to pull the cap off my Kaweko pens.

I’ve also had my fair share of pen and ink catastrophes. I hold my writing utensils funny with the pen or pencil leaning on my ring finger with my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger holding it in place. For whatever reason, it causes me to get a lot of ink on my ring finger and it takes a long time to come off. One time I was in my freshman history class and writing notes with my disposable fountain pen. I guess I wasn’t paying attention to the pen and somehow it got all over my elbow and left a huge blue blob stain on the desk.

Why do I put up with all this trouble? Aside from spilling ink and forgetting where I put my fancy pens, I’ve had good things happen with fountain pens. This year, in my junior history class, I noticed that the guy sitting next to me was writing with a disposable fountain pen, a Pilot Varsity just as I like to use, and was all excited and started asking him about it. He handed it to me and said that “everyone loves looking at it and writing with it” and I told him I knew all about fountain pens. He seemed surprised that I had even heard of them. One of my favorite things about fountain pens is that the pen shows brings the kids together. Every kid at the show is so used to their parents loving pens and can relate when friends say it is nerdy. I’ve become friends with many of the kids I’ve met at the fountain pen shows and keep in touch with them. It’s fun to have friends who completely understand pens.

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